What We Did On Our Holiday – absolutely brilliant movie

What We Did On Our Holiday

What We Did On Our Holiday

Every so often you see a movie that really exceeds your expectations. It happened to me today.

I thought “What We Did On Our Holiday” was going to be a light fluffy piece and I mainly wanted to see it because David Tennant (the artist formerly known as Dr. Who) was in it. I like him and I like his presence on screen.

Well, it was much more than light fluff. I was really affected by it – I cried lots (as did the people around me in the cinema) and I laughed out loud (very loud!) lots. It is a movie that works on every level. The casting is brilliant – even down to the three children in it. Billy Connolly was superb and even Celia Imrie in a tiny role was incredible (has she ever been anything less that incredible – I remember seeing her years ago in “Pat & Margaret” and thinking she was amazing). The two leads, David Tennant & Rosamund Pike are warm and natural – they feel real.

The scenery of Scotland was just beautiful – kind of makes me want to go there and check it out. And it really was a case of laughing uproariously one minute and bawling your eyes out in the next. I came out of the cinema feeling like ‘yes, this is what justifies the whole movie making business!’ Because it is a really positive life-affirming journey that is just a cut above anything similar. Perhaps it is the fact that it was made in Britain rather than America that gives it this quality – think of ‘Pride’, ‘Four Weddings & A Funeral’, ‘Educating Rita’ and about a thousand others over the last 30 or so years!

It was terrific to see it in a V-Max cinema with brilliant picture and sound – it really added to the experience – particularly the Scottish scenery.

I’d really like to get everyone I know to see it. Some of them may be too cynical to let the story cut through their cynicism – but I reckon most of them will have a similar reaction to me.

What We Did On Our Holiday is just a bloody good film – I am so glad I saw it.


Who on earth would want to harass poor Dottie Hinkle?

There are classic scenes in movies and there are CLASSIC SCENES in movies.

Oh, and “Damn these designers!”

Thank you John Waters, Divine and Edie.

Song for a Swedish friend

Dedicated to my Best Swedish Friend (BSF) Baby Jane Gustav…

Hoyts Big Rip-Off: $5.20 for a Choc Top

Hoyts Choc Top: The Ultimate Rip-Off

Yoda and I went to the flicks last weekend. It was a primarily forgettable film – Hot Tub Time Machine – but it was okay. People have been complaining about the prices they pay for food and drink at cinemas for years. But last weekend I experienced the ultimate rip off from Hoyts Cinema.

Whatever else I buy from the Candy Bar when I go to the movies, I must ALWAYS have a Choc Top. It’s a tradition, a ritual. Going back to the 70s for me. I love my Choc Tops! I did the same last weekend at Hoyts Broadway. Lined up for the usual appallingly slow service at the Candy Bar to buy my Choc Top.


Yes that’s right – Hoyts are now charging $5.20 for a bog-standard Vanilla Choc Top! Have a look at the photo above – there’s nothing special about this Choc Top from Hoyts. It is a standard, mediocre-sized Choc Top. And they’re charging $5.20 for it.

Well that’s one rip-off too many for me. I’ve already cut down my visits to the movies with ticket prices around $17 but, from now on, if I do go and I want an ice-cream, I’ll pop into an adjacent supermarket or convenience store and buy something.

Hoyts: BIG FAIL!

Ticked off Trannies with Knives: Transploitation

Oh this looks fabulous….I can’t want to see it. Trannies fight back!!!

A group of transgender women are violently beaten and left for dead. After regaining their consciousness the violated vixens turn deadly divas and with their new-found confidence and courage, slice their way to vengeance.

“Excuse me, am I in your way?”


“”Well you’re in mine, bitch!”

An homage to the exploitation films of the 70s, this film sets out to create a new and unique genre called transploitation.

Blown away by “A Single Man”

A Single Man...mindblowing!

Yoda and I went to see “A Single Man” yesterday. It’s been a weekend of movies actually – we also saw “Up In The Air” today which we both liked.

But it was “A Single Man” which really blew us away and which continued to stay with us long after we left the cinema. I woke up about 4 times last night and each time my first conscious thoughts were about the movie. Still trying to process it.

It is very rare that I find a film stays with me like that and refuses to leave my consciousness. It was just such an amazing experience on so many levels – the cinematography, the colours, the story, the acting and not least, the music. The soundtrack is incredibly evocative and feels like another character in the movie.

Much has been said of Colin Firth’s acting in “A Single Man” and I can only agree. It is so restrained, almost suffocating – yet we’re always aware of the battles and struggle being fought inside.

I can’t even imagine what it would be like to live as Gay man and be in a long term relationship back in the early 60s. And to have your lover, your life partner of 16 years die so instantly and tragically and to not be able to tell people about it. Not be able to get the support that would automatically be offered if you were in a heterosexual relationship. I guess there are some people around the world who are still in the same position almost 50 years later – but I just can’t begin to fully understand living like that in 1962. It would make living in Sydney’s western suburbs in 2010 feel almost cosmopolitan!

This movie is an incredibly beautiful film – from the use of colour (or lack of), the period sets, the way the camera is used – the close-ups and off centre shots. It just all comes together amazingly. It is a film that both Yoda and I came out of the cinema saying “I need time to process that.” And I’m still processing it.

Just describing the storyline and saying the acting is first class doesn’t do the film any justice. I felt as if it was a movie I “experienced” rather than simply watched. Does that make any sense? Probably not. 🙂

If you are thinking about seeing it, please do so at the cinema – it will just lose so much power on a TV or computer screen. To really experience the full visual magic of “A Single Man,” you’ve got to see it at the movies.

I know it is a movie I want to see again but I need some time before I do that. It is still spinning around in my brain and my central processor is overheating trying to take it all in! 😉

The clip below is just a promo shot of the movie and a few minutes of the music playing. I’ve had this on repeat all last night and again this evening. I want to buy the soundtrack CD but of course it isn’t released in Australia at the moment. F****** record companies.

Older n Last Time – a little movie gem from Aussie-land

From the Australian movie "Older n Last Time"

There’s still one good thing about the very tarnished Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras – and that’s the Film Festival put on by Queer Screen.

As usual, this year I’d circled about 10 movies I wanted to see at the festival. And, as usual, session times, logistics and vagueness on my part saw me attend only a few of the screenings I’d circled. Sometimes you can catch up with what you’ve missed by buying the DVDs when (if) they are released, but not always. And anyway, there’s always something special about seeing a queer film with a totally queer audience.

My BFF Yoda has joined me up to Queer Screen as a Christmas present so hopefully I’ll get to attend more screenings and stuff throughout the year.

One movie I was absolutely determined to see, was “Older n Last Time.” I’d seen the trailer for the film and it just grabbed me. I now know that the trailer is the worst thing about the movie. The trailer makes the film look a bit tacky and amateur – completely opposite from the reality. “Older n Last Time” is a gem, an absolute gem.

It is a follow-up to a movie shown at last year’s festival, “Damaged Goods”, which has been shown nowhere else apart from that screening last year. It is also not available on DVD and doesn’t look like being released in the near future. Neither does “Older n Last Time” so I am so very glad I got to see it at the festival.

Look, this is a privately funded movie made as a labour of love by the writer/director (who was present at the screening). It’s sooo Australian in many ways – and that is part of its charm. It was filmed around the Surry Hills/Darlinghurst areas of Sydney and you can see locations and places you know in real life. My friend James absolutely loved that aspect of it.

Centering on an older Gay couple who have fostered two children (who are now adults) and the craziness of their day-to-day lives and those of their extended family. Of their two – now adult – foster children, one is straight and the other is Gay. They’re both going through their own dramas and throw into that, the idea that the (formerly drugged out) mother who abandoned of one of them, now wants to re-establish contact.

Of the older couple, one of them is bored and now wants to foster another child while his partner is dead against it. Reasoning that they’ve done their bit and now it is time for them to enjoy life with a world trip or similar activity, he tries to dissuade his partner with glamorous travel brochures and plans – but his partner is having none of it.

There’s a lot of activity happening in the movie – it’s a bit hard to sum up quickly. And, as I said, the trailer is not reflective at all of how special this film really is. I walked out of the cinema on a high. I loved the characters, I loved the story and I loved being part of their world for short time. The Director said that there is a possibility of a third movie to complete the trilogy and I will be hanging out for that one – I want to spend time with these characters again.

The most disappointing thing is that “Older n Last Time” and “Damaged Goods” have not been screened anywhere else – and possibly won’t be. They’ve been rejected by Gay & Lesbian film festivals around the world. Which makes me think again that we Gays are our own worst enemies these days. Oh, and it also makes me think Gay & Lesbian Film Festival Directors are a bunch of card carrying c*unts!

“Older n Last Time” deserves to be seen by a much wider audience and it certainly deserves a DVD release. When you think of some of the crappy Gay DVDs that have been spewing out from America in the last few years, then “Older n Last Time” certainly deserves to be on a DVD and sold via the usual channels.

If you get a chance to see this movie, wherever you are in the world, please take the opportunity. It’s a priceless bit of a feel-good charm from the land down under.