The Top 25: It’s all about Eric!

Eric & Molly

Eric & Molly

Eric, Eric and more bloody Eric!

I thought I’d take a look at the top search terms people have used to find this website in the last year. I’ve listed the Top 25 search terms below. There’s a very clear pattern: Eric Saade. Whether it’s Eric Saade being Gay or shirtless or nude…it seems the Eric fans find their way to  Of course, they find out that Eric isn’t Gay, has been topless but hasn’t been (photographed) naked. Yet!

Where will he be on the popularity lists at the end of 2012? Who knows? Reaction to his most recent album “Saade Vol. 2” has been rather subdued but there will be an international push this year so his star may rise even higher. And yet he still won’t be Gay or naked.

Still, the web surfers can live in hope!



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