A hot bath with Tom Odell

I was sitting in a bus last weekend with my mp3 player playing Tom Odell’s “Long Way Down” album in full for the first time. About one third of the way through the first track “Grow Old with Me” I realised I was crying. I think a few people were staring at me wondering what the hell was going on. But I couldn’t stop.

And tonight, as I was enjoying a hot bath with Tom’s album playing loudly from my bedroom I wondered..had it really only been two weeks since all this craziness started?

Yes, it was Friday night about two weeks ago when I was randomly surfing the web and clicked on a link which took me to a youtube video of Tom performing “Grow Old With Me”. Not sure why I did it – I never discover new music in that way. And anyway, most of the music I’ve been buying for the last two years has had to be imported from Sweden. Anyway, I did have a vague recollection of seeing the cover of “Long Way Down” at JB HiFi weeks ago in the new release section. I think I thought “cute guy, probably photoshopped, music is probably r&b or some other X-Factor-type winner shit like everything else that’s out at the moment.” I didn’t give it another thought.

Until that Friday night when I clicked the link. I watched the performance and the voice, the look, the emotion, the music…it just jumped out of the screen and grabbed me by the throat. I clicked on some more links and discovered the clip for “Another Love” which also knocked me down. I listened to one or two more tracks via youtube and then stopped. It was all a bit too much. I said to my flatmate that we had to go out on Saturday because I had to look at the CD again and that “I might buy it.” Might? Yeah right…pig’s arse. The choice came down to WHICH version of the CD I would get – the standard or the deluxe. The deluxe won out of course.

As always with me, I didn’t play the CD immediately nor did I transfer it to my PC or mp3 player for a few days. I went back to youtube to watch a couple more clips and also surfed the web for pictures and interviews with Tom. He is fucking gorgeous. A blonde god. But more than that, from interviews I watched, he’s a really nice, down to earth guy. Who also just happens to write killer songs and sing with a kind of honesty and emotion that makes me feel like I’m being punched in the gut when I listen to him.

I’m not sure how long it has been since music really got inside me and fucked me over emotionally. I love music, pop music – preferably “up” and “happy” and the pop-ier and dance-ier the better. But this is different. This really makes me FEEL stuff.

If I sound obsessed well that’s just because…I am. How anyone that beautiful and genuine can have so much fucking raw musical talent just blows me away. And how he can get that emotion into his voice…I just don’t know. All I know is that he has really knocked me sideways.

He has a couple of killer videos out there also. This official promo video for “Grow Old With Me” could bring tears to a glass eye!

I’ve managed to convert the flatmate into being a fan as well. Initially a skeptic, I made him watch this promo video for “Another Love”. It only took one viewing. The song is perhaps the most well known of Tom’s but this particular video is just so….simply and raw and it just sells him and the song so well…it’s impossible not to be affected.

There are so many other moving songs on the CD…”I Know”, “Til I Lost”, “Can’t Pretend”….no wonder I get so emotional when I listen to the album.

Hilariously, he was in Australia the other week. On TV, doing promo, the whole thing. But at that stage I didn’t have a flying fuck of an idea who he was. No interest whatsoever. So I missed all that.

But here we are a few weeks later and I’m emoting along with Tom in a hot bath. So um yeah…I’m obsessed. I’d probably be a stalker if I lived in England 🙂 Tom Odell is just so fucking, fucking amazing.

Of course he’s straight…well, you can’t have everything!

tom odell long way down


Choc Apricot Balls – The Care Package! (Secret code for: FRUCHOCS!)

Fruchocs / Choc Apricot Balls

An emergency supply of Fruchocs (also known as Choc Apricot Balls) has been rushed to me!

Tonight I received a gift from the gods – a care package of Fruchocs. Not just regular Fruchocs but Mini Fruchocs, Giant Fruchocs and even Dark Fruchocs! In short, an orgasmic express shipment of taste sensation. Yes, the gods smiled on me and it rained – not cats and dogs – but Fruchocs and Choc Apricot Balls.

If you live outside South Australia, you may know them as Menz Choc Apricot Balls. (And if you don’t know them then you need get with the program!)

As an ex-Adelaidian, I know them as Fruchocs. As a small boy, I knew them from the local shop , from visits to the “pictures”, from visits to the supermarket and the Royal Adelaide Show. Fruchocs were always a treat – something special meant to be savoured – each individual ball to be enjoyed slowly.

But eventually I grew up and moved away from Adelaide. And all the things that were unique to Adelaide became unavailable to me unless I flew back to visit parents and friends. But, as I wrote recently, not anymore – Fruchocs have gone national. They’re known as Choc Apricot Balls outside of South Australia – but whatever, they’re known as, they are a must-have! Coles supermarkets have been selling them nationally and IGA supermarkets have begun selling other Menz products like Choccy Snakes & Choccy Froggys.

In an even later discovery, I have realised that the internet has reached Adelaide and you can now buy Fruchocs online and have them rushed to you wherever you are! You can even have them sent Express Post to make sure you get them urgently!

The link is HERE

I say thank you to the Fruchoc gods for my care package and may the Fru be with you all!

Fruchocs OnLine Shop

Order Fruchocs on line!

Eric Saade & Danny Saucedo … sharing a crush!

I have to thank my good friend James O’Brien for pointing out this piece of campness to me. Eric & Danny’s hijinks turned into a video montage to the tune of “Crush”.

No doubt the conspiracy theorists will be beside themselves shouting “see, they ARE Gay, I knew it all along!”

Good on Eric and Danny for not being intimidated by the gossip and continuing their little joke.

Adam Tyler….brilliant music from the U.S.A. (no, really!)

Adam Tyler...hot and talented

On the final night of Stockholm Pride a few months ago, a performer took to the stage that I’d never heard of before. A queer electro-pop hunk named Adam Tyler. The first thought I had was “wow, he is soooo hot!” followed by “this music is really good.” He actually did a few covers of Swedish hits including Eric Saade’s “Popular” (Eric being seemingly too “hip” to attend a Gay Pride event!).

Anyway, Adam did a few numbers and I was captivated. He has just released his first album “Shattered Ice” and I had to order it immediately. You can download it via iTunes, Amazon etc. but you can also order the physical CD from Adam’s own website: http://shop.adamtylershop.com/ I ordered two of the CDs and they arrived with autographed postcards – a very nice surprise.

Adam does electro-pop. It is hard to believe that any good pop music could still eminate from that wasteland of r&b/hiop-hop/rap, the United States of America but Adam is the exception to the rule. He IS pop to the core. His musical tastes lean towards UK and European artists and he’s much more of an internationalist than most other Americans.

This clip is a video of a song from his album. It’s called “I Won’t Let You Go” and it’s great…check it out…

Adam on stage @ Stockholm Pride

The single he is promoting at the moment is called “Like A Drug” and it’s a sexy piece of pure electro-pop. There’s a video that’s been compiled of Adam performing it at Stockholm Pride (with the studio version overdubbed). It is taken from all different amateur cameras and it’s pretty well done. Check it out here…

Adam is also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/adamtylerfans

I recommend you give Adam Tyler a listen and, if like me, he’s your sort of thing, buy the album – either by paying for the download or ordering the CD. Do the right thing by this amazing new artist. There’s not much real pop coming out of countries like America so we’ve got to encourage artists like Adam Tyler.

Ola really is all over the world!

The senfabsational Ola has released “All Over The World” in the US and the UK over the weekend. It is available on iTune with a gobload of remixes. So copy one of these links and go and buy the single. Don’t bloody download it illegally. We need to support the few decent pop artists there are in the world. We’re overrun with shitful R&B, Hip Hop and Rap….WE NEED POP!

Ola is Mr. Pop and “All Over The World” is living proof!



And you can even get his CD album from Bengans in Sweden via mail order: http://www.bengans.se/Product.aspx?skivkod=622191&section=music

Eric Saade Volume 2

Cover for Eric Saade Vol. 2?

Woooh! This just surfaced about 24 hour ago and seems to be the cover for Eric Saade Volume 2 which is to be released in November.

If it is the cover, it is absolutely stunning and so much better than the Volume 1 cover – and he’s not fake white anymore! He actually really looks like Eric Saade with Eric’s multicultural background!

Volume 1 was a superb slice of electro-pop, let’s hope Volume 2 equals it. And please Jesus, don’t let him have gone all “r&b” because we need that like we need a hole in the head!

My name is Lena Philipsson

If you can imagine two Australian Gay men walking around Stockholm – separately and together – randomly saying “Mitt namn är Lena Philipsson”….well, you have James and myself  in Sweden two weeks ago.

We’d been at GoldenHits bar/club the night before for their mega-schlager night and someone requested this song – “Lena Anthem”. James immediately got into it and danced. I thought “ooh, this is good, don’t I own this?” Well, um, yes…I bought Lena Philipsson’s 20 Years Greatest Hits album a couple of years ago. I do have a habit of buying CDs and not listening to them properly! Anyway, the crowd was going off and I just instantly fell in love/re-fell in love with this amazing track.

Lena is a winner of Melodifestivalen, the Swedish final of Eurovision Song Contest and represented Sweden in 2004 with “It Hurts” (known as Det Gör Ont” in Sweden). She is a true schlager and pop queen in Sweden and followed up Eurovision with a killer album called “Det gör ont en stund på natten men inget på dan” (It hurts for a while at night but not during the day). The album went #1 immediately and sold double-platinum in Sweden. The first track on the album was the sensational “Lena Anthem.”

So….by Friday morning, the song had burnt itself well and truly into James’ and my head. Thus the random “Mitt namn är Lena Philipsson” coming out of our mouths. James even got caught by a Swede doing it in public. Luckily they just smiled at him rather than having him taken away by the men in white coats.

Since I returned to Australia, I searched Youtube and found this absolutely ball-busting live version of the song. Lena (also known as Lena Ph) looks and sounds amazing and the crowd are going wild for it…check it out…

Since my Swedish is almost non-existent, I had my trusty translator and flatmate, Grant, work on an English translation of the somewhat bizarre lyrics…

At the platform

Twenty past five

The train is coming

And I’m already longing for home

I sit in the corner

Just want to have time to myself

The doors, they are opening

And our eyes meet

I keep hold of the rail

So hard that it hurts

I get up slowly

And I sit there next to him

My name is Lena and I am not going to be quiet

I am not going to just sit here and wait to be kissed

If you want to have a little snow bunny, you can go somewhere else

It sounds obvious but always annoys someone

The one you’re talking with isn’t the average Söderberg or Eriksson

My name is Lena Philipsson

At the club

The dancefloor is hot

All my friends

Are the best looking I have seen

I see right through the smoke

Yet I have full control

Then like a shadow

He reveals himself

He dances with someone else

But it doesn’t bother me

I dance a little closer

I look the other way

My name is Lena and I am not going to be quiet

I am not going to just sit here and wait to be kissed

If you want to have a little snow bunny, you can go somewhere else

It sounds obvious but always annoys someone

The one you’re talking with isn’t the average Söderberg or Eriksson

My name is Lena Philipsson

And not Lisa Nilsson

And not Grete Philipsson – aha-ha

And not Regina Lund or anyone else

My name is Lena Philipsson

My name is Lena…

Her name is Lena Philipsson