Oh those Russians!

I might not have received the result I wanted in Sweden’s Melodifestivalen 2012 but have a look at Russia’s entry!

These grannies could kick major butt at Eurovision if an upset occurs. It is just the kind of quirky entry that Eurovision’s history is famous for.

Russia has spoken: it’s Buranovskiye Babushki with their song Party For Everybody!

Oh those Russian Spice Girls!

Russia’s Eurogrannies are the new Spice Girls and 2012 could be their year!!!



abba drunks

Like father, like son?

I can only say it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. Of course not so nice that son Ludwig was turned into a drunk as well. Ah well, since they have billions of dollars it won’t be a problem.

ABBA Benny is a drunk

Send this man a Systembolaget gift voucher!

No, Eric Saade is NOT Gay

Oh dear, a recent humorous photo-op between Melodifestivalen 2011 winner Eric Saade and fellow contestant Danny, has caused a flurry of internet searches. The searches roughly all equate to “Is Eric Saade Gay?”

Well, no he’s not. He’s straight and he’s in a relationship with fellow Swedish singer and performer Molly Sanden. But Eric is very comfortable with his sexuality and doesn’t mind playing up for the cameras. He also has many Gay friends and the whole thing is just a non-issue for him.

Eric Saade is just a well-adjusted, incredibly talented straight guy – the way more people should be in this century!

Here’s the pic that caused all the speculation…

Eric Saade & Danny have a pretend kiss

Playing up for the press: Danny & Eric


It's been that kind of week


Korean Cultural Experience

at Seoul Airport


Jacobs Fritz

It's an Adelaide thing


Ikea Nuclear Waste


Mr Muscle & Fairy Liquid

UK dishwashing liquid...what are they trying to say?


Faster than the speed of...something

I don't normally go this fast


Media Markt Sweden

This sells electronic products in Sweden apparently


Judy 46

Judy cannot hide her age any longer

At the U.S. rally to restore sanity…

This is one of a myriad of signs present at the U.S. rally to restory sanity in Washington. I absolutely love it.
No. 1 Threat Sign
I love this sign!

Nut Case & Fag in Enmore

"Modified" sign in Enmore

This is a shop sign that has been “altered” in Enmore. It’s near a bus stop that I frequent and it never fails to give me a laugh. “”Farty Warts” particularly reminds me of the altered hotel sign in “Fawlty Towers” all those years ago.

I think I’ll pass on the “Plastic Penis” 😉

T-Shirts seen in London/Birmingham

I love a funny T-Shirt. A genuinely funny, clever or outrageous T-Shirt. In the 80s I wore a T-Shirt that had gunshots over it, a McDonald’s logo and the words Ï ate at McDonald’s and lived!” This was shortly after someone went into Maccas in the USA and shot 21 people.

McDonald’s in Sydney threw me out for wearing that T-Shirt! Ah well, you gotta laugh.

Anyway, I’ve seen a huge number of funny T-Shirts, cards and signs in the U.K. that I’ve never seen before. Here are three of the T-Shirts I particularly like…

Sums up my feelings about Apple!