Choc Apricot Balls – The Care Package! (Secret code for: FRUCHOCS!)

Fruchocs / Choc Apricot Balls

An emergency supply of Fruchocs (also known as Choc Apricot Balls) has been rushed to me!

Tonight I received a gift from the gods – a care package of Fruchocs. Not just regular Fruchocs but Mini Fruchocs, Giant Fruchocs and even Dark Fruchocs! In short, an orgasmic express shipment of taste sensation. Yes, the gods smiled on me and it rained – not cats and dogs – but Fruchocs and Choc Apricot Balls.

If you live outside South Australia, you may know them as Menz Choc Apricot Balls. (And if you don’t know them then you need get with the program!)

As an ex-Adelaidian, I know them as Fruchocs. As a small boy, I knew them from the local shop , from visits to the “pictures”, from visits to the supermarket and the Royal Adelaide Show. Fruchocs were always a treat – something special meant to be savoured – each individual ball to be enjoyed slowly.

But eventually I grew up and moved away from Adelaide. And all the things that were unique to Adelaide became unavailable to me unless I flew back to visit parents and friends. But, as I wrote recently, not anymore – Fruchocs have gone national. They’re known as Choc Apricot Balls outside of South Australia – but whatever, they’re known as, they are a must-have! Coles supermarkets have been selling them nationally and IGA supermarkets have begun selling other Menz products like Choccy Snakes & Choccy Froggys.

In an even later discovery, I have realised that the internet has reached Adelaide and you can now buy Fruchocs online and have them rushed to you wherever you are! You can even have them sent Express Post to make sure you get them urgently!

The link is HERE

I say thank you to the Fruchoc gods for my care package and may the Fru be with you all!

Fruchocs OnLine Shop

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