Glenda Jackson debunks Thatcher eulogising that’s been going round since the witch died.

Fabulous speech throwing some reality into the faux-sadness that seems to be pervading the reactions to the death of Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher was an evil c*nt. End of story.

Glenda Jackson reminds us why this evil entity should not be remembered with any fondness or respect.


MYKI is tricky and dicky!

Melbourne's MYKI system is a farce

Melbourne’s MYKI system is a farce

I’ve just spent a week in Melbourne on holiday trying to come to terms with MYKI – the new ticketing system for their public transport system. OMG….it is a pain in the arse!!!!

Firstly, there were supposed to be tourist packs available but there weren’t when I decided to travel. I eventually bought a MYKI card – no actual fare value on it – for $6 at a 7/11. I then topped it up with another $10. I think the $6 thing is an absolute rip-off. You have to buy this card but it isn’t worth anything. As Liza would say “Tahhhhrifffficcc!!”

Then you can’t register the card on line for 24 hours – I have no idea why – it is all supposed to computerised and they’ve spent over 1 billion dollars to set it all up. Then, after 24 hours, when you finally are able to register, it then takes up to 4 hours to receive an email that everything is completed and active. What is this, the 1960s????

Even when you do register – which you need to do to keep track of what you’ve spent what they’ve charged you, top up on line etc. – any time you use your MYKI card to go on a bus or a tram or a train, it doesn’t show up in your account on the website for a day or so. How f*cking useless is that?

But the absolutely piece-of-resistance is this: trying to touch on and off. What a farce!!! In all the times I used MYKI my tap on or tap off only registered first time correctly ONCE. Every other time it felt like being a failed magician – the ‘trick’ of touching on or off just didn’t work. I had to try and try and try again – and I saw others in the same predicament. I’ve used Oyster Card in London and that city has about eleventyzillion more commuters than Melbourne and tapping on and off works fast and efficiently. Did Melbourne spend a billion dollars plus on a $2-Shop version of a ticketing system???

And then we have the “when do I touch off” dilemma. It was hilarious watching the discussions of frustrated transport users about this. In fact, you don’t have to “touch off” if you’ve been travelling only in Zone 1 and are exiting a tram in Zone 1. This doesn’t apply to trains or buses. Of course if you’re catching a tram for a journey solely in Zone 2, you must both touch on and off! Oh my god how it confuses people. And then there’s the question of Zones. No-one I heard discussing it, actually knew what was Zone 1 and what was Zone 2. And don’t even mention poor old tourists like me! I was more confused after reading the multi-paged MYKI brochure that I was at the start.

And you can forget about getting a cheap fare if you’re just going a couple of stops on the tram. No, under the MYKI system please pay for a full two-hour fare no matter what!

So MYKI is a system two Governments have approved and signed up for. And despite similar systems working well around the world, Melbourne & Victoria seem to have signed up for “Brand X” model!

Oi vey!

Evil Alan Joyce: The man who is destroying Qantas

Evil Alan Joyce

Evil personified

It’s about time this personification of corporate evil was deported back to Ireland.

Alan Joyce is the man who put SATAN into QANTAS.

Joel Creasey insults Qantas cabin crew

Joel Creasey...all class.

Joel Creasey wasn’t content with simply attacking the rights of Qantas workers to take industrial action to save their jobs. No, no, that wasn’t enough. Joel also tweeted that he doesn’t like “fat hosties”. I wonder how Qantas cabin crew who fit into Joel’s “hate” category would feel about Joel’s public statement?

During the criticism of Joel’s attack on Qantas workers, Joel quickly tried to hide this tweet by deleting it. He wasn’t a big enough person to apologise or re-think his comments. He just tried to hide some of them instead. Perhaps because this tweet shows the real Joel Creasey.

Forget about the fact that our national airline is about to sack thousands of Australian workers, it’s all about the fact that Joel doesn’t like to be inconvenienced and that he doesn’t want overweight cabin crew when he flies.

Says it all really.

Joel Creasey attacks Qantas workers

Joel attacks Qantas workers

Poor little rich boy, comedian Joel Creasey told attacked Qantas workers and said they shouldn’t be able to strike. In fact, he claimed, they should consider themselves lucky to have jobs!

Creasey, who comes from a well-off Perth family who made their money in McDonalds franchises, is a Gen-Z Gay comic who’s previous most devestating life tragedy was the cancellation of the new series of Charlies Angels.

Joel's got money so who cares about poor Qantas staff?

Despite Qantas preparing to ship the jobs of thousands of hard working Australians to cheap-labour countries, Creasey claims they are “unprofessional” for striking. Despite the fact that Qantas has publicly announced again and again that they will not negotiate in good faith, Creasey believes the poorly-paid workers are at fault. Qantas management earn millions and millions of dollars and are threatening the very job security of their workers.

Qantas workers aren't allowed rights! They have a job so no more rights for them!

With Australia having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world and Qantas still declaring annual profits in the hundreds of millions range, Joel Creasey doesn’t think it’s okay for Qantas staff to strike for fair pay rates, fair conditions and for their very jobs.

If you are a Qantas employee, think about this when you next see Joel Creasey on your flight – he’s a frequent flyer and Qantas Club member so he shouldn’t be too hard to spot.

When those thousands of Australian Qantas jobs are outsourced to Asia, and those workers who are striking for their survival, can’t pay their mortgages and feed their family, at least we’ll know that Joel Creasey, poor little rich boy, hasn’t been inconvenienced!

No right to fair pay or to even keep their jobs according to Joel

If you’re a Qantas worker who is currently struggling to keep your job, perhaps you’d care to let Joel Creasey know how you feel:
On twitter: @joelcreasey
His management:


abba drunks

Like father, like son?

I can only say it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. Of course not so nice that son Ludwig was turned into a drunk as well. Ah well, since they have billions of dollars it won’t be a problem.

ABBA Benny is a drunk

Send this man a Systembolaget gift voucher!

They say time heals everything but I’m still waiting

With a story about (yet another) “possible” reunion of a certain Swedish band hitting the mainstream Aussie press yesterday, Grant and I were contacted by friends (again) about it.

It’s been 4 years now since the ugly incident with those Swedish c**** and their record company and yet people think we’re still “fans” and that we would still be excited about a possible concert tour.

You can’t be rude to friends who, after all, are just showing a genuine interest in you. But it does make us shake our heads sometimes and wonder “don’t they get it? how could they not get it after all this time?”

Always a lover of the shock one-liner, I texted back a friend last night, “the only reunion of those people I’m interested in is six feet under!” 

Anyway, as this reunion rumour brought everything up again, I was reminded of a song I played a lot during that whole ugly legal situation…it seemed to sum up my feelings and situation pretty well. The lyrics don’t exactly match of course but, overall, the sentiment is spot-on for how I feel. Who knew the Dixie Chicks would end up giving my so much solace over the last few years!

You may have to click through to watch this video on Youtube [thanks to yet another s***house record company 😉 ]