20 Life Lessons for a Gay Man

Not actual photo of JudgeG

Not actual photo of JudgeG

This is from the magazine website gay.com. There are a few funnies in here but also some really worthwhile bits of advice.

“Here are 20 life lessons for a gay man:

1. If he cheated on his ex, there is a good chance he will cheat on you.

2. Just because he has big feet doesn’t mean he will have a big dick.

3. No one will make you happy. You have to make yourself happy.

4. Putting 28 as your age on your online profile because you think you look 28 doesn’t make you 28.

5. To get love, you must give love.

6. Opportunity knocks only once, so you need to be ready to answer the door.

7. There are two types of people: go-getters and no-getters. Choose which one you want to be.

8. Learn to forgive and let go; no one likes someone who is bitter.

9. You are not very straight-acting if you want to have sex with guys. I do not know any straight people who would do that.

10. The guy you diss today could be the best friend of the guy you want tomorrow.

11. Don’t be an arsehole

12. If you don’t know where you are going in life you’ill be stuck exactly where you are right now.

13. Learn to laugh at yourself.

14. When the online ad says it’s his first time doing this, I doubt it.

15. A boyfriend will never complete your life; he can only add to it.

16. A friend points out you flaws. A true friend loves you as you are.

17. In 2009, there is no excuse not to have an online picture. NONE.

18. We can either look for the flaws, mistakes and shortcomings in people and people, or we can look for the successes, the opportunities and the joy.

19. No one cares what you say you are going to do. They only care what you actually do.

20. When in doubt, just whip it out.

OK, so maybe number 20 isn’t the best life lesson but you get the point. I really hope these life lessons help you out or even make you laugh. These days, we can all use a good laugh.”