March 14, 2010

A get together to watch the grand finale of Melodifestivalen 2010. A frantic effort to download the show and have it ready to show on the big screen just a couple of hours later! It all paid off and everyone had a fabulous time. Even if no-one agreed with the winner!

Big Dave with a very fashionable-looking Greg

This year we provided snacks - a very good idea as you can see!

Sam with Eurovision mega-fan Sharleen

A couple of pretty boys: Patrick & Andrew

Patrick, Crazy Louisa and Andrew

Rachel (Patrick's former flatmate), Patrick and Andrew

Eat, drink, talk, watch...Melodifestivalen

Judy & JudgeG

Judy &'s a symbiotic relatioship!

The boys loved Timoteij's "Kom"

I mean, REALLY loved it!

Patrick & the the flags

Grant having a divine moment with Peter Jöback's performance of "Hollow"

A group shot - most of the Melodifestivalen revellers

Crazy Louisa was given to emoting Melodifestivalen entries at the drop of a hat

Oops, she's off again and this time Andrew is getting in on the act. Patrick is in the background.

Not one, but two large Swedish flags this year! Andrew & Louisa almost look like a married couple in this one!

Andrew is ALWAYS ready for his close-up!

The emotion was all too much for some!

May 20, 2009

It was just another Wednesday pub night but I decided to take a few shots. As usual, it was fun and lively with lots of talking, lots of laughs and lots of beer. Hard to believe this Wednesday night tradition has been going on since 1993!

All the pictures are clickable to see the full-sized versions.

Ben & John

Ben & John


Trevor & Al

Trevor & Al

JudgeG and Big Dave

JudgeG and Big Dave

Vanessa doing her sexy look?

Vanessa doing her sexy look?


April 2009

Paul K and the Countess were in town visiting from ever lovin’ Adelaide. James, Grant and I met up with them on Saturday night. We started off at FA Coffee for a prolonged dinner (service was a little, let’s say…slow!) then went to the Midnight Shift and then to Palms. Naughty James & I ended up back at the Midnight Shift at 1.30am or some ridiculous time. Then I had to try and get home at taxi changeover time – 3am. Got a bus, walked, went to Hungry Jacks and finally found a cab that was actually ‘going my way’. Lucky, lucky, lucky. It was fab to catch up with P & C again.

Judge G, Paul, Camilla & Grant in the queue for Palms

Camilla, Paul & JudgeG at Palms

Camilla, Paul & James at Palms

Thanks to the waiter for this shot!



  1. Palms is that the same Palms from the early 1980’s?

    • Palms has been around for many years but I am not sure if it goes back to the early 80s

  2. hey grant! love the site! jason (ex abbamail)

  3. ok I just checked the rest of the site, I know who you are you little bugger.. coffee ?

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