Favourite Peeps

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens….

Got a crazy idea to add a page to this site with all the people who mean something special in my life. I guess it is a work in progress. I did this quickly using pictures already on the PC. I wasn’t trying to rank people or do anything other than find a whole bunch of pictures of people that I care about. More will be added over time.

Grant/Yoda - Best Peep

Grant/Yoda – Best Peep



John McK once aka as 'Frida'

John McK once aka as ‘Frida’

Mr. Swden...Gustav

Mr. Swden…Gustav

Lily - Outrageous, Glamorous, Sweet

Lily – Outrageous, Glamorous, Sweet

Andy Pandy...Andrew

Andy Pandy…Andrew

Oh Cliff, you've done it again!

Oh Cliff, you’ve done it again!

Big Dave

Big Dave

Gorgeous Vanessa

Gorgeous Vanessa

Kevin, Birmingham Boy

Kevin, Birmingham Boy

Simon...Mr. Red

Simon…Mr. Red

Judy, Judy, Judy


Judy, Judy, Judy


He's hard work..but he's Trent

Andy & Achim

Andy & Achim

Nanne (is that cheating?)

Nanne (is that cheating?)

Julie R from the UK

Julie R from the UK

Crazy Matti

Crazy Matti

Tony B...the nicest guy in Sweden

Tony B…the nicest guy in Sweden

Ann P....a true lady in every sense of the word

Ann P….a true lady in every sense of the word

Mikey...spunky college boy

Mikey…spunky college boy

Janet & Abbi...crazy in America

Janet & Abbi…crazy in America

Robert Verbeek

Robert Verbeek



  1. This program is somewhat like “Hot in Cleveland” plays in the united states.

  2. Judge!…God I miss you. I am not big on online stuff myself, and like you, am not on FB either. So, I really haven’t been a visitor to your site as such. But I’ve just had a peek, and was so surprised and flattered to see you’ve put janet and me in your memory for keeps:) It is really touching that you included me in your list of favorite peeps. When I’ve seen Jeff and Greg, I always tell them to pass my love on to you. I’ve had so much fun with them when they came here to visit, and i wish you could come here too. And i swear, if i ever get to Australia, I hope you will embrace me with open arms, even though we met from “that” part of your former life. Please know I’ll love you forever….Abbi xx

    • Ahhh…it was on this page. LOL! Hello Abbi darling…thnak you for your lovely words. I hear bits and bobs through Facebook about you from Janet and of course a few photos! If you ever get to Oz, of course Yoda & I would embrace you with open arms darling! I hear about your boyf and your holidays and being in a theatrical production? Wow, you’re getting around! And no more ABBF Day…well good for you ;-p Life takes us in many different directions. Now if only you could get Janet off her burning cross and outta that pizza joint!!!! 🙂

  3. Funny to see a picture of me here. And it’s a pic that I’ve never seen before. Where on earth was this picture taken? And who took the picture? And when? Questions, questions, questiions….

    BTW: I feel flattered to be in this list 🙂

    Big hug to everyone on this page!


    • Robert,

      To find these pictures I went through the files on my PC – I reckon this must have been taken at Roosendaal – maybe 2004/2005? You look good in this one!

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