It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas with this camp little number

Only The Young having a very camp little Christmas


Melodifestivalen – it’s starting again, isn’t it?

2 year old Vincent doing Loreen’s “Euphoria” has been selected to become the official promo trailer for Melodifestivalen 2013.

As I watched it through tears I realised “oh god, it’s about to happen all over again, isn’t it?” Three months lost obsessing over the selection process to decide who will represent Sweden at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

And hoping it will be something wonderful like “Euphoria” and not an abortion like 2010’s “This Is My Life” by Anna Bergendahl.

Waiting for someone in Sweden to upload each of the semi-finals to some illegal file sharing site so that here, on the other side of the world, we can download it and watch it in the privacy of our own homes and share in the excitement.

For my flatmate it means getting up at 5am and putting headphones on and staring at a small computer monitor watching the whole thing live on SVT’s website…internet stuttering and all!

And then there’s the purchase of the Melodifestivalen CD and DVD and the individual download purchases of songs we love. Not to mention the discovery of new “favourites” who will ensure we have to spend our hard earned cash on Swedish mail-order websites to buy their CDs.

It is a whole process that just takes over for a few months at the beginning of every year. For me, it has become far more important than the Eurovision Song Contest. For the last few years most of the “new music” I have purchased has come from Sweden and from artists in Melodifestivalen.

Like 2 year old Vincent – god love him – we’re about to go “up, up, up, up, up” all over again.

2013 Melodifestival Official Promo with Vincent

2013 Melodifestival Official Promo with Vincent

That’s What Makes You Homosexual….not quite One Direction


A wonderful send up of One Direction’s “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” with a very fruity twist!


Choc Apricot Balls – The Care Package! (Secret code for: FRUCHOCS!)

Fruchocs / Choc Apricot Balls

An emergency supply of Fruchocs (also known as Choc Apricot Balls) has been rushed to me!

Tonight I received a gift from the gods – a care package of Fruchocs. Not just regular Fruchocs but Mini Fruchocs, Giant Fruchocs and even Dark Fruchocs! In short, an orgasmic express shipment of taste sensation. Yes, the gods smiled on me and it rained – not cats and dogs – but Fruchocs and Choc Apricot Balls.

If you live outside South Australia, you may know them as Menz Choc Apricot Balls. (And if you don’t know them then you need get with the program!)

As an ex-Adelaidian, I know them as Fruchocs. As a small boy, I knew them from the local shop , from visits to the “pictures”, from visits to the supermarket and the Royal Adelaide Show. Fruchocs were always a treat – something special meant to be savoured – each individual ball to be enjoyed slowly.

But eventually I grew up and moved away from Adelaide. And all the things that were unique to Adelaide became unavailable to me unless I flew back to visit parents and friends. But, as I wrote recently, not anymore – Fruchocs have gone national. They’re known as Choc Apricot Balls outside of South Australia – but whatever, they’re known as, they are a must-have! Coles supermarkets have been selling them nationally and IGA supermarkets have begun selling other Menz products like Choccy Snakes & Choccy Froggys.

In an even later discovery, I have realised that the internet has reached Adelaide and you can now buy Fruchocs online and have them rushed to you wherever you are! You can even have them sent Express Post to make sure you get them urgently!

The link is HERE

I say thank you to the Fruchoc gods for my care package and may the Fru be with you all!

Fruchocs OnLine Shop

Order Fruchocs on line!

Evil Alan Joyce: The man who is destroying Qantas

Evil Alan Joyce

Evil personified

It’s about time this personification of corporate evil was deported back to Ireland.

Alan Joyce is the man who put SATAN into QANTAS.

Search terms yesterday

It is hard to even know how to categorise this post. I just happened to sign in to the dashboard for and glanced at yesterday’s search terms. You know, the things people actually types in google that made them end up on this website. It’s always an eye-opening experienced – and you wonder if the people concerned were satisfied when they reached the site – or whether they threw their hands up in the air and went “what is this crap!”

But today is different. The top 10 search terms yesterday have simply blown my mind. Maybe it says more about me and my interests than it does about the searchers? Anyway, I need to lie down now…my head is spinning like in the Exorcist. Oi vey!

eric saade
eric saade gay
lesbian brides
uncircumcised penis
frog cakes
amy diamond
jatz biscuits
im not circumcised
erick saade

Gary & Robbie in Brokeback Mountain remake

Feeling a little Gay this Christmas?

Actually, apart from having a little giggle at the Gay-ness of this clip, there’s a wonderful feeling of closure for old Take That fans like me. The whole story of Take That exploded at the end in such an ugly way, it is wonderful to see all 5 of them back together and to see Gary and Robbie singing together and reflecting on their past and those crazy times.

And thanks to I was actually able to order the physical CD single and have it flown over to Australia. I’m not that big on downloads.