The ABC has gone to hell

There’s a new website that has been created for people to report instances of the extreme right-wing bias that the ABC, particularly ABC-TV, has been displaying for a long time now.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation used to be the one shining beacon of fairness and sanity in the increasingly Goebbels-esque media world of News Limited, Fairfax and right-wing talkback shock-jock radio. Over the last couple of years it has swung madly to the right to the point of deliberately slanting stories that promote the conservative parties and minimising or ignoring anything positive that the Labor Government achieves. And there have been many achievements.

You expect this from News Ltd or Alan Jones but not from our taxpayer funded Government broadcaster. So called “Journalists” like Latika Bourke have become active conservative party promoters making a mockery of so called fair ABC editorial policies.

I became increasingly dismayed then shocked and now I’m just plain angry. Enough really is enough. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is now working against the welfare and interests of ordinary Australians. There are a number of theories why – to do with Mark Scott, head of the ABC or perhaps, more realistically, the terror felt by ABC staff at the possibility of having funding dramatically cut or being privatised by a future conservative Government. And our current Labor Government is doing nothing about addressing the right-wing bias. Pretty much the same as they’ve failed to defend themselves effectively anywhere in the wider ultra-right media landscape.

Document your complaint against the right-wing bias of the ABC

The ABC has gone to hell

The other thing that angers me is that I now have to seek out and find websites, bloggers and twitterers to actually find out what’s really going on in Australia. It is great that there are people and websites out there on the internet that do cut through the lies and bias of the conservatives and the ABC…but why should I have to go seeking them out. We already have a supposed fair and fearless public broadcaster. Why isn’t that reporting the truth?

I’m beginning to think that the situation is irreversible and maybe it would be just as well to privatise the ABC. But what a horrible state of affairs to actually contemplate that?

Anyway, check out the site linked above and also have a look at – a good resource for seeing behind the right-wing spin.



abba drunks

Like father, like son?

I can only say it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person. Of course not so nice that son Ludwig was turned into a drunk as well. Ah well, since they have billions of dollars it won’t be a problem.

ABBA Benny is a drunk

Send this man a Systembolaget gift voucher!

Congratulations Eric Saade – Sweden’s best Eurovision result in more than a decade!

It is quite amazing what negative, destructive, cunts the Swedish media have been about Eric Saade & Eurovision. I’ve been struggling to find a really positive newspaper article about Eric’s success in placing 3rd and giving Sweden its best Eurovision result since 1999. The article below is mostly positive but sticks the knife in at the end.

There have been articles rubbishing the song, articles damning him with faint praise whilst twisting the knife in and even an article saying nobody showed up to meet him when he arrived back in Stockholm after Eurovision. Negative, negative, negative. One paper had giant text above an article about Eric saying “The Moniker should have been there” (at Eurovision). I’d say with confidence that, had the Moniker represented Sweden, they would have placed 33rd, not 3rd.

The irony is that if all of those journalists curled up and died tomorrow, the world would be a better place. Yet Eric is great human being who is bringing something positive to the world with terrific music and performances – he’s doing nothing but bringing positivity to the world and positivity to his home country, Sweden. All Swedes should be proud of him and people like him who achieve such wonderful success on the world stage.

I started to wonder today after the umteenth negative Swedish press article, maybe it’s a racist thing? Eric’s father is from the middle east and Eric doesn’t look like the all-blonde typical Swede. We know from the Sweden Democrats huge success in Swedish elections that a huge number of Swedes are basically racist. No, not basically racist…just totally racist. I wondered if perhaps Eric’s skin colour was the real reason why the Swedish press were treating his Eurovision success with disdain?

One of my all time favourite Swedish arists, Nanne Gronvall apparently criticised the lyrics of Eric’s song “Popular” and Sarah Dawn Finer, another fabulous Swedish diva, was supporting Azerbaijan over Sweden because her brother was their choreographer. Her congratulations and support of Eric has been weak and half-hearted to say the least.

I want to say Eric – you may have placed 3rd, but you’re No. 1 with me and to a lot of other people. I’ve been following your career since I found out about you with “Sleepless”. Your “Masquerade” CD was my absolute favourite album on 2010. I think you’re a fantastic performer and a terrific guy. Don’t let the negativity of your fellow Swedes (particularly the press) get you down. Keep on doing what you do and hold your head up high – maybe one day you’ll receive the praise you deserve in your own country.

Mostly positive article on Eric at Eurovision

Up, up and away with TAA the friendly, friendly way

Oh, I’m on a roll with these TV commercials from my childhood. It seems like every few months someone is adding something new to Youtube from my past that just blows me away. And, of course, I could virtually remember the lyrics word for word even though it’s been decades since I’ve seen the ad. Talk about advertising brainwashing you!

This advert features my favourite plane of all time – the Boeing 727. My god it was a sexy beast. Yet to think my Dad tried to take me on one (when it was on the ground – we had a friend who worked at the airport) when I was 7 years old and I screamed and screamed and screamed hysterically until they took me off. I was a very nervous, wimpy child. I was absolutely terrified the 727 would take off. Nowadays,  of course, I’d be BEGGING them to take off!

Still, is this advert a classic or what????????????????????????

Gorgeous TAA 727-200

Amoco in your machine!

I have this as a cardboard 7″ single. Yes I do, I really do. Played havoc with my record player back in the early 70s – the needle used to jump up and down. I’m not sure cardboard was such a good material to make records from. Ah yes, it was called a flexi-disc. I must have been about 10 when I got this. A TV advert as a record. Well, there you go…seems like you need a bit of Amoco in your machine. After all, nice clean petrol must be better!

Eric Saade – behind the scenes footage after the Melodifestivalen telecast

Here’s some great footage behind the scenes after the Melodifestivalen 2011 telecast. The fabulous winner, Eric Saade, posing for press photos and being interviewed by the “green room” reporter. Also interviews with Frederick Kempe, the songwriter of “Popular” and more!

No, Eric Saade is NOT Gay

Oh dear, a recent humorous photo-op between Melodifestivalen 2011 winner Eric Saade and fellow contestant Danny, has caused a flurry of internet searches. The searches roughly all equate to “Is Eric Saade Gay?”

Well, no he’s not. He’s straight and he’s in a relationship with fellow Swedish singer and performer Molly Sanden. But Eric is very comfortable with his sexuality and doesn’t mind playing up for the cameras. He also has many Gay friends and the whole thing is just a non-issue for him.

Eric Saade is just a well-adjusted, incredibly talented straight guy – the way more people should be in this century!

Here’s the pic that caused all the speculation…

Eric Saade & Danny have a pretend kiss

Playing up for the press: Danny & Eric