Euphoria 2013 released on iTunes as a single!

Euphoria 2013 single cover

Euphoria 2013 single cover

Loreen’s f*cking unbelievable version of “Euphoria”, with Swedish schoolchildren from Adolf Fredriks Musikklasser, has been officially released on iTunes (at least in Sweden) to purchase.

This is a 4 minute 11 second studio version of the song that was performed on the final of Melodifestivalen 2013.

EUPHORIA 2013 is magic. It is magnificent.

Do yourself a favour – if you can, BUY IT IMMEDIATELY!



  1. I know the performance was supposed to be about the kids, but I would have liked Loreen there a little longer than 45 seconds. But like I say…about the kids. Which brings up another question. Is sign language universal? If the conversation is between 2 people from different speaking countries….can they understand each other? I don’t know sign language other than a couple words so it would be interesting to find out. (The song sure grows on ya doesn’t it!)

    • Hi,
      Indeed, the performance was magical and Loreen proved herself so much more than a simple dance singer. Her talent excells and should definetly be allowed to branch into the multitude of popular music genres. With regards to your question of Sign Language – sadly it is NOT universal – as many languages have their own nuances and meanings, so is it the same for sign language and thus each nation (even if two countries – like US and UK – share the same phonetic tongue). So unfortunately, not everybody understands each other. As for the one the kids used, I’m not sure which system it belongs to..

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