Army of Lovers….the full Melodifestivalen fabtastrophe!

Oh my god…I said love, I said pet, I said love….

ARMY OF LOVERS shook Melodifestivalen 2013 to its very core. Or perhaps they just woke up #melfest after a pretty dull year.

What a performance! What an act! What a song!

As others have been saying, this spectacle is what Melodifestivalen has been sorely lacking this year.

Soooo fabulous to have them back even for one night! (And possibly also with a new compilation CD including a couple of new songs!)


“I was born seven million years ago in Sweden, Africa. I am La Camilla and I rule thew world”


I remember back about a hundred years ago watching Video Hits one Saturday morning and there it was: “CRUCIFIED”.  I sat there open mouthed in shock. And awe. I immediately got ready and went into HMV in town to look for the single. Luckily they had it!

So many crazy records and clips followed….ARMY OF LOVERS were true originals. And Saturday night’s performance showed that they still are originals. This one had everything AND the kitchen sink!


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