Melodifestivalen – it’s starting again, isn’t it?

2 year old Vincent doing Loreen’s “Euphoria” has been selected to become the official promo trailer for Melodifestivalen 2013.

As I watched it through tears I realised “oh god, it’s about to happen all over again, isn’t it?” Three months lost obsessing over the selection process to decide who will represent Sweden at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

And hoping it will be something wonderful like “Euphoria” and not an abortion like 2010’s “This Is My Life” by Anna Bergendahl.

Waiting for someone in Sweden to upload each of the semi-finals to some illegal file sharing site so that here, on the other side of the world, we can download it and watch it in the privacy of our own homes and share in the excitement.

For my flatmate it means getting up at 5am and putting headphones on and staring at a small computer monitor watching the whole thing live on SVT’s website…internet stuttering and all!

And then there’s the purchase of the Melodifestivalen CD and DVD and the individual download purchases of songs we love. Not to mention the discovery of new “favourites” who will ensure we have to spend our hard earned cash on Swedish mail-order websites to buy their CDs.

It is a whole process that just takes over for a few months at the beginning of every year. For me, it has become far more important than the Eurovision Song Contest. For the last few years most of the “new music” I have purchased has come from Sweden and from artists in Melodifestivalen.

Like 2 year old Vincent – god love him – we’re about to go “up, up, up, up, up” all over again.

2013 Melodifestival Official Promo with Vincent

2013 Melodifestival Official Promo with Vincent



  1. Hey JudgeG, do you know where I can procure a copy of MF Delta 2 from last week? I missed it at the time, and I can’t bear to have a hole in my collection!
    – MF fan from Melbourne.

    • Its’ up on file sharing sites – just went up in the last 48 hours.

      • Thank G:Son for that! I was starting to panic! Much appreciated for the tip off.

  2. […] Loreen’s “Euphoria” as the official promo trailer for Melodifestivalen 2013, as my friend The Best Judge notes in a blog […]

  3. Tears? Yes…tears to my ears like onions to my eyes. (Hmm…there’s got to be a pop song in that last statement somewhere!) While I don’t share your fanaticism for the Melodifestivalen…I do enjoy the music & pay close attention to the winners & losers, especially from Sweden. But not for 3 months. My goodness…the only thing I obsess about is making sure I don’t leak a winner too soon & have the Australian Mafia thinking about taking one of those 800 yarders in my direction. Stay calm. Take a deep breath…exhale slowly…and remember…a country that has a 2 year old miming a song as their promo…doesn’t usually get added to their resume!

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