Fruchocs are now in Sydney! And other Adelaide classics….Choccy Snakes & Choccy Froggys!

Mr Fruchoc

Mr Fruchoc with fans

Oh my god….if you wait long enough, anything and everything can happen!

I’ve been living in Sydney for almost three decades and yet I have to fly back to Adelaide if I want to enjoy some of the best Adelaide Icons. If you’re from Adelaide, you know what I’m talking about. Balfours Pasties, Woodies Lemonade and Menz Fruchocs.

But not anymore. Praise Jesus!!!!

Menz Fruchocs

Menz Fruchocs now available at Coles Supermarkets outside of South Australia.

They’ve had to change the name (to protect the innocent). They are now called Menz Choc Apricot Balls and you can get them at Coles Supermarkets in Sydney (and around Australia apparently). It’s a miracle! Ex-Adelaide people, REJOICE!

But it isn’t just Fruchocs…er Menz Choc Apricot Balls…it’s also another couple of classic Adelaide Menz Icons: Choccy Snakes and Choccy Froggys! My flatmate’s dream of losing weight may now be lost forever – he only has to walk to the local supermarket to get a hit!

Yes, the world’s most awful supermarket – IGA Dulwich Hill – is selling Choccy Snakes and Choccy Froggys! If they are then you can bet other IGA supermarkets are doing the same thing (only better)! And I do have photographic evidence…

Menz classics hit Sydney

Menz Choccy Snakes and Choccy Froggys are now available in Sydney via IGA Supermarkets

This is big! It’s about time these and more Adelaide Icons went national! So ex-Adelaidians get out your wallet and get into Coles & IGA stores now!

And for everyone else….it’s about time you tried the taste of some true Adelaide legends!



  1. Fruchocs to Singapore – now that’s dedication!

  2. I found out recently that Fruchocs are available to purchase online, and they’ll send them pretty much anywhere. Including my current home, Singapore. So imagine the joyful anticipation with which I compiled my order! I should have known it was too good to be true though, because my $35 order was going to cost me $50 in postage. Now I rely on visiting Adelaidians for such contraband. Thank goodness there’s always someone happy to sneak in a fritz or two, and a Linkes mettwurst.

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