Oh those Russians!

I might not have received the result I wanted in Sweden’s Melodifestivalen 2012 but have a look at Russia’s entry!

These grannies could kick major butt at Eurovision if an upset occurs. It is just the kind of quirky entry that Eurovision’s history is famous for.

Russia has spoken: it’s Buranovskiye Babushki with their song Party For Everybody!

Oh those Russian Spice Girls!

Russia’s Eurogrannies are the new Spice Girls and 2012 could be their year!!!


1 Comment

  1. Most definitely…the novelty winner for sure. But certainly not THE winner. We’ve already had one of those novelty winners (that shouldn’t have been) here in the States with a B/W silent film winning the oscar for best movie. As I stated before…taking retros to a new low! The “Eurogrannies” have their reward…the talk of the town…now let’s get back to the serious entries! ;-))

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