Outland on ABC TV….I f***ing love it!

Outland ABC TV...Gay Sci Fi fans

Why the hell isn’t anyone watching this show?

Or maybe I should ask “why the hell did so many of the people who watched the first episode not return?”

The ratings for TV’s Outland are in the toilet and I have no idea why it isn’t at least a cult hit. The characters are just wonderful – I felt so comfortable and in love with them all immediately.

Outland, about a group of Gay science fiction fans, is rarely a laugh-out-loud comedy. It is much more of a character study. I feel compelled to watch to see what each of them do/say next. It kills me that there won’t be a series 2. Outland is something special that Australian TV has created and it is going to be condemned to the graveyard of television history. Very unfairly.

There is talk of international sales and I do hope that it gets a fair showing in the UK – I am sure it will find a following over there. I’m sure they’ll “get it” in a way that Australians seem incapable of.

Episode 5 (of 6) was far more dramatic than usual and featured a star singing and dancing effort by Ben Gerrard (who is apparently being rooted by cabaret-type Shaun Rennie in real life!) as Toby – the young, rich boy who revealed a lot more vulnerability than we’ve seen or expected from the character before.

Fab, played by the usually in-real-life f***ing annoying Adam Richard, is another character I just love to watch. I just want to see what he’s going to come out with next episode. He’s funny, bitchy and horrifyingly accurate and hits his targets with devastating accuracy (reminds me of…hmmmm not sure :-). I could imagine hanging out with Fab – there would never be a dull, safe moment!

Christine Anu – an Australian singer – has seemingly come out of nowhere to play Rae, the wheelchair bound lesbian on Outland. She’s brilliant. Just love her character.

I think Outland is an Australian TV gem…it deserves a much better reception. The DVD is out in April and I’ll be buying it immediately. Maybe some people will get a chance to catch up with what they’ve missed when the DVD is out?

After the final episode on Wednesday, I am really going to miss these oddball characters who have populated my life and brought a smile and a knowing glance to my face for the last few weeks.



  1. I have just discovered this show and am absolutely gutted that I can’t get it anywhere except streaming sites …*ahem* not that I use those… so I can only watch about half the series ;_; It’s absolutely amazing and I was amazed to find the first review claimed it was ‘way, way, way too gay’ and essentially said it ‘needs a straight man’. Uhmm… But yes! It needs to come to the UK! It will for sure get a cult following here. Or maybe just 6 people in a living room trying to get the TV to work… Who knows? But I want this show!

  2. OMG !!!

    • Yeah..I bet it only cost a few bucks to make – they really need to do another series!!!!

  3. I’ve ended up watching every episode twice given that it played again the next day. Having grown up a gay boy in Melbourne, I was at last watching television that was about people a lot like me. To be honest that is the reason the ABC receives public funding – to make television that represents the community in a way that the commercial channels can’t. Remembering what it was like growing up, how hard it was before finding the community, I suspect this series has had a great impact on several lives.

    I’d like a second series, because like you I fell a little in love with each of the characters. Shame about the ratings because this series alone gave a little joy and a little hope.

  4. I’m not sure it would last long in the States either. Might be a bit too much. However…”Science Fiction Enthusiasts Homosexuals” are an idea like never before…that I know of. Some of the scenes showed Toby as being so pale…made one think he was a vampire. Needs to get a little sun on that skin. And Fab…loved his ending scene impression of the Donald Sutherland movie “Body Snatchers.” Yeah…maybe a bit too much for the States…now anyway! ;-))

    • Hey Fred you have lots of Pay TV channels in the U.S….Pay TV is far bigger in your country than here…I am sure one of those channels could show it and have it gain a cult following.

  5. I think a key issue for the show is a lack of a Spicks and Specks lead-in, as that’s delivered shows like Gruen, Angry Boys etc a good audience. But I also think there’s a bit of confusion about the show. I listened to a tech/geek podcast last week where they didn’t like it because it wasn’t tech/geek enough. Perhaps it’s also a bit “too gay” for some people? Like you say, it could be a show that does better internationally than in Australia?

    • The bigger issue is that half a million people started watching it at the beginning and it’s now down to less than 200,000. People have made a decision that they don’t like it. I think they just don’t “get it”. And yes, the UK and Euro TV viewers could enjoy it much more than us!

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