It’s that time of year again…

Melodifestivalen 2012 is underway and the first semifinal had a pretty cool opening sequence. Not quite up to 2009 standards (my favourite year) but not too shabby!

Tonight is the second semifinal and then we have the third, fourth, second chance final and of course, the final itself!

Then you have to buy the CD from overseas and so on and so forth. It’s quite a commitment of time and emotion.

It’s become the main music I listen to over the last few years. Which does make it quite inconvenient…everytime you discover a new artist you like, you’ve gotta order their CDs from overseas and wait a couple of weeks (sometimes longer) for them to arrive. And it isn’t like you can pop down to your local shopping centre to see them signing autographs – unless your local shopping centre is in or around Stockholm.

And should you want to see them in concert? Well that’s about 16,000 kilometres away and a bloody expensive airfare.

But still, we subject ourselves to it every year.

This year Danny Saucedo is said to have a killer song to wipe out everyone else. But who knows?  Sometimes the best songs don’t even make it the second chance final, let alone the main final!

It’s all fun and games. But hell, I wish it wasn’t so bloody far away!



  1. “This year Danny Saucedo is said to have a killer song to wipe out everyone else. But who knows? ”

    Tell me what is your favourite song
    and I will tell you who you are 😉

    Danny said that his favorite song – Lil Wayne She Will , hmm..

    Should I say something?

  2. Once in a great while…like every 15 years or so…they have a segment on the Academy Awards show entitled “Not Even Nominated.” It gives a medely of songs that didn’t “merit consideration” for an Oscar. One would be amazed at the great songs on that list. And like you say, some of your favorite songs don’t go on in Melodifestivalen…in the Oscars, it could make or break a career. Not everyone can have a Ring Ring with a Waterloo in the wings. But I’m glad the ones that did…did!

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