Swedish CDs and more for worldwide delivery at the Scandipop Shop!

The Scandipop Store

How's this for a first order from Scandipop Store on Facebook!

If you love Swedish and other Scandinavian pop and schlager music, you’ll be excited to know about a new way to buy these CDs and have them shipped to you wherever you are in the world.

The creator of Scandipop.co.uk – the hugely popular blog about all things pop and schlager emanating from Sweden, Norway and Denmark – has branched out. First it was their TV show on Sky Pay-TV in the U.K., then their radio show and now………ta dah……Scandipop has an internet shop!

It is all based through Facebook, has an ever growing range of the music we love including….wait for it….CD Singles! PRAISE JESUS!!!

The Scandipop Store really deserves a rave – I’ve used it and my order took a week to arrive in Australia. Normally with Bengans or Megastore I’m waiting forever for delivery – but Scandipop Store ship fast and ship by airmail – not some 3rd rate delivery option.

Prices are good and competitive and it feels good knowing that at least a portion of the money you spend at the store goes towards funding the Scandipop.co.uk blog and other activities.

So do yourself a favour…check it out on Facebook.

At last there’s a better way to get your pop-schlager fix!

Scandipop Store



Eric Saade & Danny Saucedo … sharing a crush!

I have to thank my good friend James O’Brien for pointing out this piece of campness to me. Eric & Danny’s hijinks turned into a video montage to the tune of “Crush”.

No doubt the conspiracy theorists will be beside themselves shouting “see, they ARE Gay, I knew it all along!”

Good on Eric and Danny for not being intimidated by the gossip and continuing their little joke.