Evil Alan Joyce: The man who is destroying Qantas

Evil Alan Joyce

Evil personified

It’s about time this personification of corporate evil was deported back to Ireland.

Alan Joyce is the man who put SATAN into QANTAS.



  1. $600.000 Christmas Bonus…..????????
    That is nothing short of CRIMINAL, the board and Alan Joyce should hang their heads in shame for what they are doing to not just a once great airline but their employees, their lives, these are very real people that are being hurt for the sake of corporate greed, hang your head in shame Alan Joyce and the Qantas Board.

  2. You know he is gay?

    • Yeah I know. And his membership card should be revoked immediately.

  3. I couldn’t agree more; deport this corporate psychopath before he does to Qantas what Air New Zealand did to Ansett.
    Two years ago, a very senior Qantas pilot told me that the Qantas board wanted to dismantle the Qantas brand and fold it’s resources into Jetstar.
    I didn’t understand the logic at the time but it’s now clear to me and Alan Joyce ( Qantas board’s lynch-man ) has fired the first salvo to undertake the systematic dismantling / pillaging of our great Aussie brand Qantas.
    Alan Joyce has been found-out lying to all and sundry in the past few days; there appears to be no low he will not stoop to in order to execute the disgusting plan the Qantas board have hatched.
    Qantas shareholders should be ashamed of themselves for allowing the Qantas board to begin the slow and torturous death of a great Aussie icon all for the sake of a few more bucks.
    Wake up; sack the Qantas board together with their executioner then deport the maggot back to whatever swamp he crawled out from.
    I feel sorry for the great and proud nation of Ireland that this tow-rag is somehow associated with them; I for one know that the awesome Irish people wouldn’t want his name tarnishing their brand either.

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