Joel Creasey attacks Qantas workers

Joel attacks Qantas workers

Poor little rich boy, comedian Joel Creasey told attacked Qantas workers and said they shouldn’t be able to strike. In fact, he claimed, they should consider themselves lucky to have jobs!

Creasey, who comes from a well-off Perth family who made their money in McDonalds franchises, is a Gen-Z Gay comic who’s previous most devestating life tragedy was the cancellation of the new series of Charlies Angels.

Joel's got money so who cares about poor Qantas staff?

Despite Qantas preparing to ship the jobs of thousands of hard working Australians to cheap-labour countries, Creasey claims they are “unprofessional” for striking. Despite the fact that Qantas has publicly announced again and again that they will not negotiate in good faith, Creasey believes the poorly-paid workers are at fault. Qantas management earn millions and millions of dollars and are threatening the very job security of their workers.

Qantas workers aren't allowed rights! They have a job so no more rights for them!

With Australia having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world and Qantas still declaring annual profits in the hundreds of millions range, Joel Creasey doesn’t think it’s okay for Qantas staff to strike for fair pay rates, fair conditions and for their very jobs.

If you are a Qantas employee, think about this when you next see Joel Creasey on your flight – he’s a frequent flyer and Qantas Club member so he shouldn’t be too hard to spot.

When those thousands of Australian Qantas jobs are outsourced to Asia, and those workers who are striking for their survival, can’t pay their mortgages and feed their family, at least we’ll know that Joel Creasey, poor little rich boy, hasn’t been inconvenienced!

No right to fair pay or to even keep their jobs according to Joel

If you’re a Qantas worker who is currently struggling to keep your job, perhaps you’d care to let Joel Creasey know how you feel:
On twitter: @joelcreasey
His management:



  1. Yeah I’m with Joel on this one – too often people who voice an opinion against the ‘rights of workers’ are attacked as being out of touch or having money. As a result of striking workers, his friend missed seeing a dying relative – I’d be a little pissed off too! Joel is entitled to voice his opinion – i’m sure there are just as many Australians that agree with it as disagree, and if you don’t then you can simply unfollow.

    • It is sad about your friend and their dying relative but his anger and yours should be directed against Qantas management – not the poor workers who are being screwed over. And to compare your friend’s situation to the livelihoods and families of thousands of Qantas workers simply shows an incredible level of selfishness. Joel also tweeted yesterday that he doesn’t like “fat hosties” on Qantas. I guess he’s allowed to voice that opinion as well? As far as unfollowing is concerned, I did so immediately after advising Joel yesterday and wishing him good luck with his career.

      I come from an Australia where people are concerned about a fair go for all. Where people realise that sacrifices have to be made sometimes in order to achieve a fair society. Joel seems to have been influenced by the environment he grew up in where his parents made millions off the backs of minimum-pay wage slaves in McDonald’s outlets. At least that’s the only conclusion I can come to as to why he would attack Qantas workers instead of the management that has caused this industrial action.

      Joel lives in a pretty cool apartment block with its own private gym. He travels Australia performing shows and, when not performing, spends most of his time doing not very much. It is difficult not to be angry to read someone like Joel attacking people who have to slog their guts out for a living only to be denied fair wages and to have their jobs outsourced.

  2. Gee… Try writing a balanced article next time.

  3. Gee… Try writing a balanced article next time…

  4. Seriously, is this blog for real?

    So he has a difference in opinion regarding this issue. At the end of the day, Joel was making the point that the public rely on Qantas to provide a reliable service as delays in travel can severely affect people’s lives in many ways. Which is true!

    He never made an attack on workers and their “struggle to keep jobs”. But yet, you’re calling on people to attack Joel for having a difference in opinion.

    This blog is really unfair. Shame.

    • Joel’s attack on the rights of Qantas workers instead of Qantas management is unfair. And saying he doesn’t like fat hosties gives you more of an insight to his “opinions”.

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