Adam Tyler….brilliant music from the U.S.A. (no, really!)

Adam and talented

On the final night of Stockholm Pride a few months ago, a performer took to the stage that I’d never heard of before. A queer electro-pop hunk named Adam Tyler. The first thought I had was “wow, he is soooo hot!” followed by “this music is really good.” He actually did a few covers of Swedish hits including Eric Saade’s “Popular” (Eric being seemingly too “hip” to attend a Gay Pride event!).

Anyway, Adam did a few numbers and I was captivated. He has just released his first album “Shattered Ice” and I had to order it immediately. You can download it via iTunes, Amazon etc. but you can also order the physical CD from Adam’s own website: I ordered two of the CDs and they arrived with autographed postcards – a very nice surprise.

Adam does electro-pop. It is hard to believe that any good pop music could still eminate from that wasteland of r&b/hiop-hop/rap, the United States of America but Adam is the exception to the rule. He IS pop to the core. His musical tastes lean towards UK and European artists and he’s much more of an internationalist than most other Americans.

This clip is a video of a song from his album. It’s called “I Won’t Let You Go” and it’s great…check it out…

Adam on stage @ Stockholm Pride

The single he is promoting at the moment is called “Like A Drug” and it’s a sexy piece of pure electro-pop. There’s a video that’s been compiled of Adam performing it at Stockholm Pride (with the studio version overdubbed). It is taken from all different amateur cameras and it’s pretty well done. Check it out here…

Adam is also on Facebook

I recommend you give Adam Tyler a listen and, if like me, he’s your sort of thing, buy the album – either by paying for the download or ordering the CD. Do the right thing by this amazing new artist. There’s not much real pop coming out of countries like America so we’ve got to encourage artists like Adam Tyler.


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