Evil Alan Joyce: The man who is destroying Qantas

Evil Alan Joyce

Evil personified

It’s about time this personification of corporate evil was deported back to Ireland.

Alan Joyce is the man who put SATAN into QANTAS.


Le Kid – We Should Go Home Together

Since Le Kid’s fantastic album arrived in the post a few weeks ago, I’ve got a new favourite song on repeat!

We Should Go Home Together is a classic slice of perfect pop from Le Kid. And the clip is uber-camp in the way that only Le Kid could pull off!

Le Kid’s album “Oh Alright” can be ordered and delivered around the world from http://www.bengans.se The packaging is gorgeous – lots of colour!

Le Kid - get their album "Oh Alright"

Joel Creasey insults Qantas cabin crew

Joel Creasey...all class.

Joel Creasey wasn’t content with simply attacking the rights of Qantas workers to take industrial action to save their jobs. No, no, that wasn’t enough. Joel also tweeted that he doesn’t like “fat hosties”. I wonder how Qantas cabin crew who fit into Joel’s “hate” category would feel about Joel’s public statement?

During the criticism of Joel’s attack on Qantas workers, Joel quickly tried to hide this tweet by deleting it. He wasn’t a big enough person to apologise or re-think his comments. He just tried to hide some of them instead. Perhaps because this tweet shows the real Joel Creasey.

Forget about the fact that our national airline is about to sack thousands of Australian workers, it’s all about the fact that Joel doesn’t like to be inconvenienced and that he doesn’t want overweight cabin crew when he flies.

Says it all really.

Joel Creasey attacks Qantas workers

Joel attacks Qantas workers

Poor little rich boy, comedian Joel Creasey told attacked Qantas workers and said they shouldn’t be able to strike. In fact, he claimed, they should consider themselves lucky to have jobs!

Creasey, who comes from a well-off Perth family who made their money in McDonalds franchises, is a Gen-Z Gay comic who’s previous most devestating life tragedy was the cancellation of the new series of Charlies Angels.

Joel's got money so who cares about poor Qantas staff?

Despite Qantas preparing to ship the jobs of thousands of hard working Australians to cheap-labour countries, Creasey claims they are “unprofessional” for striking. Despite the fact that Qantas has publicly announced again and again that they will not negotiate in good faith, Creasey believes the poorly-paid workers are at fault. Qantas management earn millions and millions of dollars and are threatening the very job security of their workers.

Qantas workers aren't allowed rights! They have a job so no more rights for them!

With Australia having one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world and Qantas still declaring annual profits in the hundreds of millions range, Joel Creasey doesn’t think it’s okay for Qantas staff to strike for fair pay rates, fair conditions and for their very jobs.

If you are a Qantas employee, think about this when you next see Joel Creasey on your flight – he’s a frequent flyer and Qantas Club member so he shouldn’t be too hard to spot.

When those thousands of Australian Qantas jobs are outsourced to Asia, and those workers who are striking for their survival, can’t pay their mortgages and feed their family, at least we’ll know that Joel Creasey, poor little rich boy, hasn’t been inconvenienced!

No right to fair pay or to even keep their jobs according to Joel

If you’re a Qantas worker who is currently struggling to keep your job, perhaps you’d care to let Joel Creasey know how you feel:
On twitter: @joelcreasey
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/joelcreasey
His management: heather@andrewtaylormanagement.com

Adam Tyler….brilliant music from the U.S.A. (no, really!)

Adam Tyler...hot and talented

On the final night of Stockholm Pride a few months ago, a performer took to the stage that I’d never heard of before. A queer electro-pop hunk named Adam Tyler. The first thought I had was “wow, he is soooo hot!” followed by “this music is really good.” He actually did a few covers of Swedish hits including Eric Saade’s “Popular” (Eric being seemingly too “hip” to attend a Gay Pride event!).

Anyway, Adam did a few numbers and I was captivated. He has just released his first album “Shattered Ice” and I had to order it immediately. You can download it via iTunes, Amazon etc. but you can also order the physical CD from Adam’s own website: http://shop.adamtylershop.com/ I ordered two of the CDs and they arrived with autographed postcards – a very nice surprise.

Adam does electro-pop. It is hard to believe that any good pop music could still eminate from that wasteland of r&b/hiop-hop/rap, the United States of America but Adam is the exception to the rule. He IS pop to the core. His musical tastes lean towards UK and European artists and he’s much more of an internationalist than most other Americans.

This clip is a video of a song from his album. It’s called “I Won’t Let You Go” and it’s great…check it out…

Adam on stage @ Stockholm Pride

The single he is promoting at the moment is called “Like A Drug” and it’s a sexy piece of pure electro-pop. There’s a video that’s been compiled of Adam performing it at Stockholm Pride (with the studio version overdubbed). It is taken from all different amateur cameras and it’s pretty well done. Check it out here…

Adam is also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/adamtylerfans

I recommend you give Adam Tyler a listen and, if like me, he’s your sort of thing, buy the album – either by paying for the download or ordering the CD. Do the right thing by this amazing new artist. There’s not much real pop coming out of countries like America so we’ve got to encourage artists like Adam Tyler.

Catching up with the past (or vice-versa)

The 80s!

Oh my god, it’s the last thing you want to happen when you’re out and about, not showered and looking like a car accident!

Of course my reaction was much worse than the actual situation but…what else is new?

What are we talking about? Well, running into one of your ex-boyfs unexpectedly. Now it isn’t that serious since today’s incident relates to a boyf from 25 years ago but anyway…you don’t wanna look like absolute shit when you run into someone from your past. Even if that person treated you like garbage for a year or so and permanently wrecked your mind. Oh look, there I go…over dramatising yet again! 😉 But we did break up 10 times and get back together 9. It was a very eventful, if horrible and embarrassing period of my life.

But still, it does make you think….it kind of hits you in the nuts a bit. I flashed back to then and suddenly started questioning my life and my bucketload (small bucket admittedly) of crap romances over the years. And you kind of think about the good times you shared with the ex and air-brush the bad times. Now given the bad times were about 90% of the time, that’s some amazing airbrushing! Photoshop would struggle! 😉

Yoda (my best friend forever) and I were out of the house on a sunny Sunday doing the usual haunts…Leichhardt…JBHiFi….and the fish & chip shop in Annandale (which I have been going to since 1989 when I lived in Annandale!). Now it takes 2 buses and a lot of determination to get there but still I do it. But anyway, who should I run into (well sorta) as we go through the door to get some lunch…yes that’s right – the “ex”. Probably the most important one (and that’s what shits me – having to admit that).

Anyway, it was all very “pretended I didn’t see him” and vice-versa. I sat in the shop making polite conversation with Yoda whilst thinking “arghhh…get me out of here!” I was surprised Yoda hadn’t noticed but, in fact, he had but thought the “ex” didn’t look enough like he did back then so dismissed it. “Wasn’t he really short?,” said Yoda, “He seems taller now.” I don’t fucking know…maybe he’s wearing heels! Yoda also remembered punching him back then too. Ah, crazy times..

Part of me was thinking “Oi vey! This was quarter of a century ago, so much has happened since and you’re not the same person…” and the other part of my brain was going “oh shit, I look terrible, he looks older and grizzled but still basically in shape.” And all that kind of rubbish. Seriously, this was all NUTSO thinking. I don’t really understand how things from such a long time ago can still cause such a reaction. Perhaps we’re all just a collection of our past insecurities and mistakes.

It was quite funny now that I think about it….I had assumed he would have left the shop before us. But our order was ready super-quick and we had to pass right in front of him as we left. Arghhh! But yeah, think of what you don’t want to happen and it always happens! I’m giggling a bit now as I type this.

As we caught the first bus back to whence we came, Yoda said “you’re not really upset about it are you?” and I replied “No, of course not, it was just unexpected and it just makes you re-live and re-think things, that’s all.” Then it became a bit of a joke “You’re not gonna go home and want to watch ‘Of Human Bondage’ are you?” The ex was very much like the lead character in that movie and so had been nicknamed as such many years ago. But no, I didn’t need to do that…I just needed to do a bit of a flashback for a while and verbalise it. And yeah, just had to think about what I’ve done in the last 25 years and the people I’ve touched and the mega-travelling I’ve done and the friends I’ve made. In a way, it was good because occasionally you need to remember how many fantastic things have happened in your life and how many opportunities you’ve had…it is very easy to forget the breaks you’ve had and only concentrate on the bad times. A bit of a mental and verbal gratitude journal happened.

Eventually the conversation moved on to other things and we continued on our merry way. I thought “I really want to write a blog entry about this but all I seem to write about is Swedish pop thesedays!” But screw it, it deserves a blog entry.

The past, past, well now let me tell you about the past
The past is filled with silent joys and broken toys,
laughing girls and teasing boys,
Was I ever in love? I called it love – I mean, it felt like love,
There were moments when, well, there were moments when….

Ola really is all over the world!

The senfabsational Ola has released “All Over The World” in the US and the UK over the weekend. It is available on iTune with a gobload of remixes. So copy one of these links and go and buy the single. Don’t bloody download it illegally. We need to support the few decent pop artists there are in the world. We’re overrun with shitful R&B, Hip Hop and Rap….WE NEED POP!

Ola is Mr. Pop and “All Over The World” is living proof!



And you can even get his CD album from Bengans in Sweden via mail order: http://www.bengans.se/Product.aspx?skivkod=622191&section=music