The Dining Plaice, Berwick Street, London

The best fish & chip shop in London

London is my equal favourite city in the world (along with Stockholm, Sweden). I can never get bored there no matter how many times I go back. There’s always something to do, something to see and something new to discover.

Something I discovered on one of my early trips to London was “The Dining Plaice”, quite simply the best fish and chip shop in London.

This gorgeous little old-fashioned piece of London is located in the heart of Soho at 20 Berwick Street. Inside it feels like stepping back into a bit of history – when fish & chip shops were everywhere in England. Yes, there are still many around – but there’s so much competition from other food outlets and choices thesedays, the traditional fish & chip shop doesn’t hold the market share it once did.

I’ve introduced a number of friends to this little gem over the years and they’ve all loved it. You can sit down and have a meal at the old fashioned tables inside the shop or you can order at the counter and takeaway. The counter area of “The Dining Plaice” is often packed at lunch times as nearby Londoners rush in for a feed. I’m not sure many tourists know of this place – and they should. Fish & Chips hold a special place in English history going back many years. Not fries or burgers – but traditional fish & chips.

Hot chips

Yum....unbeatable taste!

On my recent visit to London, I did pop in for those delicious chips. Nearly every day, in fact! You can have them “open” or “wrapped”. I chose “open” and naturally had one of those gorgeous little wooden forks they give you in English fish & chip shops! As I stood across the street, devouring my chips, I wondered how many times, in the last 17 years, I’d done the same thing. And I also vowed to write a post about “The Dining Plaice” because everyone visiting London should pop in at least once.

As a reviewer on a food blog says “The Dining Plaice’s fish and chips are really very good – it’s the only fish and chip shop in central London that I happily return to. They serve *proper* fish and chip shop food – crispy batter encasing light, meaty fish, and slightly crispy-on-the-outside and slightly soggy-on-the-inside chips, just as they should be. Coated in salt and vinegar of course. The only downside is having to queue for takeaways. Although – on the plus side – this does mean that food is always freshly cooked and piping hot.”

So if you happen to be in the most exciting city in the world, pop in to “The Dining Plaice” and treat yourself to a bit of English tradition!



  1. […] soaked chips. There are several excellent places to try this specialty. Some of the best are The Dining Plaice on Berwick Street, Poppies on Hanbury Street, Golden Union Fish Bar on Poland Street, The Golden Hind in Marylebone, […]

  2. You lost me at putting vinegar on the “chips.” Not a fan of vinegar. In fact I rarely use ketchup if I can find a serving of tartar sauce nearby. I love tartar sauce with both fish & chips. Vinegar’s for salad & pickles…not chips! ;-))

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