Gotta love Thai Airways!

Thai Airways Jumbo - 747-400

Thai Airways 747-400 at Stockholm Airport

I just returned from London and Stockholm and my first trip flying Thai Airways. I’d heard good things about Thai but this was my first experience with them.

I flew Sydney – Bangkok, stayed overnight then flew Bangkok – London. On the return I flew from Stockholm – Bangkok, changed planes and flew from Bangkok to Sydney. Three out of the four flights were sensational, one was merely “pretty good.”

It is hard NOT to love Thai – the 34″ leg room in economy, the friendly and gracious cabin crew, the very generous food and beverage service and the immaculately presented planes.

From Sydney – Bangkok, I flew on an A340-600 with personal seat-back on-demand video and audio entertainment. On the Bangkok – London and Stockholm to Bangkok legs, the aircraft was a 747-400 without seatback entertainments. That did not worry me in the slightest. I much preferred being on an airline that had 34″ of leg room and terrific service than something like the Evil Empire (Qantas or BA) with 31″ cramped seat pitch, stingy food & beverage service and grumpy staff. Even though I was flying Economy on Thai, the 34″ seat pitch felt really spacious.

As soon as you’re in the air almost, the crew are coming around with snacks, alcoholic and soft drinks and hot towels. Then the meals are served, then more drinks followed up by regular water/juice/cola runs throughout the flight to ensure you don’t get dehydrated. The crew responds to the passenger call bells very quickly and nothing is too much trouble. I like to have a few beers at the top of the flight and then kind of zone-out for most of the rest of the time. This was no problem on Thai.

About 1 3/4 hours before the end of these four long haul flights, the crew come around again with more hot towels, bar service and another meal. And the meal proportions are generous which is quite refreshing.

I really also like the fact that the aircraft toilets are kept clean by the crew throughout the flight. On the last leg – Bangkok to Sydney – the crew was a little lax and service wasn’t as good as the previous 3 sectors – but seriously, compared to doing long haul flights with say Qantas or Air Canada or British Airways, all sectors with Thai felt luxurious in comparison. Rather than cutting back and being mean and stingy with their service, Thai are still doing economy the way it should be done and making passengers feel like they are important. They treated me like a valued customer, not like an inconvenience.

The price I paid was competitive and the flight scheduling was great for me. I arrived in London about 5.30pm and arrived back in Sydney about 8pm. Arriving at night allows you to crash into bed and starting adjusting to the new time zone to minimise jet lag. But anyway, Thai has multiple flights per day from Sydney and a couple daily from Bangkok to London. So they’re quite flexible in that way.

I just think they deserve a rave review. I’ll certainly be flying with them again.


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