Israel sends up Eric’s “Popular”!

..and it’s all done in the best POSSIBLE taste of course!

I just saw this for the first time and it’s a hoot…especially the “shattered glass” bit.

From Youtube “A loving comic tribute to our favorite Eurovision 2011 entry, Sweden’s ‘Popular’ by Eric Saade. Shot April 2011 at the beach in Tel Aviv by a group of Eurovision fans. Also featuring Finland’s Paradise Oskar, Norway’s Stella Mwangi and Israel’s Dana International. Enjoy! :)”


(and Dekel Ben Avi makes a rather hot Eric!)



  1. I want lovely Eric back! ;D

  2. Good Grief Charlie Brown! Dare I say it!! I loved it!!! I like this song too…even with the boom, boom, boom. Maybe because I can relate to it. Well, part of it anyway. The part where it shows the guys from the rear. Especially the guy with the “Dunlop” around his waist. Yup…could be titled a self portrait! (Except that my dunlop…done lop a bit more) …;-))

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