Eric Saade / Saade Vol 1

Eric Saade / Saade Vol. 1 / Not the original cover

Okay, so says this isn’t the actual cover for Eric Saade’s forthcoming album, “Saade Vol. 1″…but would it kill me if it was? No! I think it looks fabulous. Simple, direct and it highights one of Eric’s most important assets – his amazing face.

But check out this pic…..if this one doesn’t float your boat, you must not have a boat! “Talk about Eric Meets V”!

Eric the red!

Eric from another planet! is saying the release date for “Saade Vol. 1” is June 29 – and they have it on special to pre-order (at least if you live in Sweden) for Skr139!

And doesn’t he sound fab when speaking English! (reading Sweden’s Eurovision results in 2010)



  1. i love eric saade

    i love his singing and his looks but mostly his singig

  2. I think he sounds even more fabulous speaking Swedish!!! 😀

    • Cordula Cordul, youre right he sounds awesome when he speaks english but ah so FABULOUS with swedish! :DD

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