Go Eric! Go Eric! Go Eric!

Here is Eric Saade’s superlative Eurovision 2011 semi-final performance…

And now all eyes are on Saturday night….he’s done the hard yards, he has a terrific song and a brilliant presentation….but can he do it? Can he bring Eurovision back to Sweden?

As I was showering and getting ready for work this morning, I was anxiously awaiting the results from Düsseldorf. The Eurovision organisers deliberately read Sweden out last to increase the tension for the television audience. I hope the Eurovision organisers involved burn in hell for that unnecessary piece of bullshit.

Can I wait until Sunday night when the Eurovision Final 2011 is shown in Australia? Can I avoid all media and outside interactions to avoid having the result spoilt for me?

No, I don’t think so this year. This year I think the suspense will kill me. If Eric wins, I need to know. If Eric doesn’t win (oh god, don’t even put it out there!), I need to be prepared so that when I do watch the final, I don’t start smashing the television set and start wishing that someone nukes Europe.

We’re having the annual Eurovision mini-gathering at our place this year. Lots of cleaning and tidying to do. It’ll really be the first time we’ve had guests in the flat since moved in proper. Maybe I’ll dress like Dana International for the evening? Actually no, I don’t think so! The evening is going to be all about Eric Saade…he has truly done Sweden proud!

Eric Saade - Eurovision 2011 Semifinal 1

Awful suspense for Eric Saade


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