Eric Saade’s “Gay kiss” – storm in a Swedish teacup!

Since so many people seem to be searching the net to find out if Eric Saade is Gay (and just reiterating, no he’s not – he’s just bought a flat with long time partner Molly Sanden), I thought I’d have another look at footage of the kiss that began it all. The storm in the proverbial Swedish teacup. Although the kiss looks hot in still shots, it is nothing more than a silly, fun thing between Danny & Eric whilst having press photos taken.

I guess people just like a hint of Gay scandal….or maybe it’s the Gay boys secretly wishin’ and a hopin’. 😉

Eric Saade & Molly Sanden: true love



  1. Ahhh that’s sweet xx a little bromance never hurt anyone!
    Girls’s do it all the time so why can’t boys?? 🙂

    • I agree with you 110%. A little bro-mance is good for the soul!

  2. Now kiss! =)

  3. I think that you guys are stupid the same thing happen with pattison and lauther
    and nobody said nothing about they being gay!! Just because two singers kiss you guys have to begging saying that they gay! That’s just wrong. That kiss was just silly one just like the one of pattison and lauther!! So please stop saying things that are not true!!

  4. Guys, have you ever heard of bisexuals?
    Maybe they are both bi – a least they are acting that way = 2 masculine guys spending time together as friends and everything, BUT touching each other too much. And they have a girlfriend. That is typical behaviour of bisexuals. And it’s different than being gay!

    But anyway, who cares?!
    As long as they sing good, they can be anything 😉

    Greets from Croatia


  6. gayyyyyssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!

  7. Well, people just want to know more about the person behind the singer… or many people just want to find a reason to corrupt him. I think it doesn’t really matter if he’s gay or not. And having a girlfriend is really no reason for not being gay, but I think it’s interesting to see what he all does and maybe to speculate about it. We can never really know how the story really is… Anyway, we find out more about him, we can only maybe not just interpret it….

    • any way its doesnt matter he is a gay or not…after all he is a good singer…you are right and try to find out more about him and let us know.

  8. Does it really matter if he’s gay or not? I don’t see why people need to prove the point that he is not gay, for what reason? Having a girl does not automatically make you straight. So, why don’t we just focus oh his singing, talent, energy and dance.

    • jo…du godt,,,,

  9. αμα εισαι γκει παιφτεις πολυ στα ματια μου και θα εισαι πολυ χαζος αν εισαι γιατι εισαι ενας κουκλος και δεν αξιζει………………………:-(

    • γειαα!! ο ερικ δεν ειναι ΓΚΕΙ!! εχει κοπελαα την μολλυ την αγαπαει και εχει δωσει πολλα περισσοτερα φιλιαα, απο το ενα που εδωσε ο νταννυ στον ερικ!! αυτο το φιλι ηταν για πλακαα!!
      ελπιζω να με πιστευεις!!! εχει δωσει συνεντευξη απο οτι εχω μαθει και εχει πει οτι το εκανε για να δειξη οτι δεν εχει προβλημα με τους γκει!!

  10. My search results were “eric saade gay” “eric saade nude” “eric saade wet” and “eric saade family”

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