Ooh dahling that doesn’t rhyme either!!!!!

The fabulous Jeannie Little released a single in the 70s “Dahling, Are You Paying Attention” b/w “Oceania Roll”. A one-off novelty hit and of course I bought the single at the time.

I love Jeannie. Thanks to a friend of the family, I went along to see Jeannie in “Jerry’s Girls” at the Footbridge Theatre many years ago. I met Jeannie backstage – she was wonderful and warm and very real. She even gave Yoda and I a lift back to Wynyard Station after the show and (apologised for not driving us all the way home!)  Umm, it doesn’t get much more genuine than that!

Recently, Yoda found an mp3 of the song and I thought “I’ve got to get that on the net, it’s a classic piece of Australian pop culture history.” So that’s what I’ve been up to day.

So here it is – a fab single and a tribute to a genuinely lovely lady.

Some facts about about the fabulous Jeannie from Wikipedia.org

Jeannie Little was born in Sydney, New South Wales. Little made her television debut on Network Ten’s Mike Walsh Show in September 1974. Invited on as a guest showcasing designer maternity clothes, she quickly became a regular, eventually (after a stint at Channel Seven) moving with the Walsh Show to Channel Nine. The Seven Network had attempted two short-lived shows featuring Little’s unique talents: Jeanne’s Little Show (a variety/chat series) and Cuckoo in the Nest, a situation comedy in which she played a wacky Auntie Mame-type character. As part of the Mike Walsh Show team again, Little wowed and won audiences for the next 15 years.

 She was a guest on the Midday with Ray Martin and her appearance on the BBC’s Michael Parkinson variety show so startled London critics she had the London Evening News saying: “What a woman! With her in the house you wouldn’t want a TV.” Among the overseas guests she has appeared with are Phyllis Diller, George Burns and Danny La Rue.

 In 1976 Little won the Gold Logie for most popular television personality and has won two other Logies for her work on the Mike Walsh Show. She performed at the Royal Command Bicentennial Concert before the Prince and Princess of Wales. Her stage career took off with Jerry’s Girls where American director, John Frost teamed Jeanne with Marcia Hines, Debra Byrne and Judi Connelli. Then came Legends with Kerrie Biddell, Toni Lamond and Nancye Hayes at the Sydney Opera House.

 Marlene, Little’s one woman tribute to Marlene Dietrich toured Australia and the US to critical acclaim, followed by More of a Little, currently on tour which is filled with song, chat and hilarity from the inimitable Jeanne.

 In the late 90s through to the mid-2000s Little appeared on the panel discussion show Beauty and the Beast.

 In February 2011, it was announced Little was suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and is being cared for in a nursing home.



  1. I did the vinyl transfer years ago! I have the B side MP3 too if u interested.

    • Thanks for the comment Jason. I’ve got the B-Side as an mp3 too…just need to time to get it together to upload it to youtube!

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