Saade Volume 1 – now he’s 100% white!

Eric Saade Vol. 2: Whiter than white!

This is the cover of Eric Saade’s new album “Saade Vol. 1” and it seems he’s now whiter than white!

I always thought Eric’s mixed race heritage made him the sexy stud he is but perhaps a little too much Swedish racism got to him and now he’s faded out a bit πŸ˜‰

He’s always loved Michael Jackson, maybe he’s copying him and bleaching his skin? No, please, I can’t even think about it!

Anyway Eric, we love your original colour…and look forward to it coming back soon!


Israel sends up Eric’s “Popular”!

..and it’s all done in the best POSSIBLE taste of course!

I just saw this for the first time and it’s a hoot…especially the “shattered glass” bit.

From Youtube “A loving comic tribute to our favorite Eurovision 2011 entry, Sweden’s ‘Popular’ by Eric Saade. Shot April 2011 at the beach in Tel Aviv by a group of Eurovision fans. Also featuring Finland’s Paradise Oskar, Norway’s Stella Mwangi and Israel’s Dana International. Enjoy! :)”


(and Dekel Ben Avi makes a rather hot Eric!)

Eric Saade / Saade Vol 1

Eric Saade / Saade Vol. 1 / Not the original cover

Okay, so says this isn’t the actual cover for Eric Saade’s forthcoming album, “Saade Vol. 1″…but would it kill me if it was? No! I think it looks fabulous. Simple, direct and it highights one of Eric’s most important assets – his amazing face.

But check out this pic…..if this one doesn’t float your boat, you must not have a boat! “Talk about Eric Meets V”!

Eric the red!

Eric from another planet! is saying the release date for “Saade Vol. 1” is June 29 – and they have it on special to pre-order (at least if you live in Sweden) for Skr139!

And doesn’t he sound fab when speaking English! (reading Sweden’s Eurovision results in 2010)

Joel Creasey “Political Animal”

Joel Creasey...super spunk!

It is probably a little hard to fairly review a live comedy show when, about 30 minutes into it, you suddenly think “I don’t really care what he’s saying, I could just sit here and listen to his voice and look at him all night!”

Joel Creasey is one of a new breed of young Gay comedians that have proliferated over the last few years. There’s been Tom Ballard, Rhys Nicholson, Josh Thomas (although I think Josh’s ultimate sex partner is himself rather than anyone else) to name just a few of the more visible ones. My friend James’ theory is that they would have all been drag queens in times gone past because that would have been the done thing to get fame and attention back then. Today, you just become “a Gay comedian” and hit Twitter and Facebook a lot.

Anyway, after having been initially excited over the this new breed of queer comics, I became disillusioned – IMHO, Tom’s a nice guy but just isn’t funny, Rhys is funny but a dreadful, destructive human being and Josh Thomas is a bit funny but mostly a super-duper self indulgent wanker. None of them live up to their promise.

Joel Creasey seems different. Joel seems a “class act” if I can use that terminology. He seems a better person all-round than the others. He’s still a scatter-brained girly queen as you would expect from a Gen-Z Gay boy. But there seems to be more substance to him. He seems to have been brought up rather well by his parents and that is translating to how he’s conducting himself as a person and how he is forging his career.

He wanted to be famous when he grew up – he tried acting, didn’t work so he moved into the comedy world. And he’s really giving it a bloody good shot. Everything he does seems quite professional -underneath the bitchy queen image is a guy who’s going about his career with a plan and a sensible focus.

When he tries to be as foul on Twitter as someone like say, Rhys Nicholson, it just doesn’t come off. It sometimes feels like Joel is trying to get down and dirty to attract attention to his Twitter/Facebook posts but that he cant actually do it…he’s just not like that. He’s a class above all of that.

Anyway, all of the above is my perception. My judgement if you like! (Well, I am “The Best Judge after all). I just get good vibes from him.

And all of the above had me eagerly anticipating the day I would actually see Joel perform “live” and do his act. There was an opportunity a while ago when he was trying out “Political Animal” at the Comedy Store at Moore Park in Sydney prior to a season at Melbourne Comedy Festival. But I missed that one. The lovely James O’Brien rang me a couple of hours before the show (which I didn’t know was happening) and I was just knackered and feeling a bit sick so I begged off. I thought at the time “Bugger! I really wanted to see Joel!”

James saved me again by organising purchasing of tickets for Joel’s Sydney run of “Political Animal” at the Wine Bar of the Enmore Theatre. An intimate venue that seemed to hold only 50 or 60 people. James has already done a much more sensible review of the show here. My review is more of a “oh my god, he’s so gorgeous” kind of thing. πŸ˜‰

My first impression of Joel Creasey in “Political Animal” was not to do with the staging, content or delivery at all. It was a much more base, shallow thing: “Oh my god, he is un-f***ing believably good looking.” And this while fumbling with my camera trying to turn the flash off so I could take a few shots for this review. Fumbling and fawning! Tragic really. Well, the bloody camera refused to co-operate so I left without any shots of the gorgeous Mr. Joel. I thought briefly about going backstage after the show and then I thought “um…the two things he hates are old people and fat people and I seem to belong in both categories. Might be best to just leave!” So I did. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, as far as “Political Animal” is concerned, it really is more of a “show” than just a stand-up routine. He had props, voice overs and had divided the performance into different sections. It is basically a kind of funny look at how to become the Prime Minister. Both James & I were quite impressed with the production side of the show. And then…um, I just thought again “oh my god, he’s beautiful – blonde hair, blue eyes, clear skin, nice smile…” Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. πŸ˜‰

The show is heavily tailored towards a lower-aged Gen Y/Z audience but the actual make up of the audience on the night we saw the show was very mixed. Yes, the were the usual crowd but there were a few oldies as well. And people who were neither young nor old, kind of in the middle. We were impressed with the number of straight people in the audience – and straight couples. Because Joel doesn’t have the high media profile of someone like Tom Ballard or Josh Thomas. So how did these people find out about him? Or were they just checking out new talent in the comedy world? Whatever the reason, it was good to see a real diverse crowd there.

Something that struck me was that Joel had to (or felt the need to) explain who he was talking about (political figures) and what he was talking about (political/historical events). I thought “wow, I guess he must think the audience is really dumb.” But if he was aiming at at that youth demographic, of course he’d have to explain – most of them have an iPhone inside their head where a brain normally sits! And they have no real concept of people and events that happened before they were born…unless it was Madonna et. al. πŸ˜‰

I got the feeling that Joel is actually a smart cookie – most Gen Y/Z Gay comics spend much time trying to make out they’re a lot cleverer and more intelligent than they actually are. I wondered “Maybe Joel is smarter than his own material?” He’s the vice-versa to the rest of his peers! Wouldn’t that be delicious – a super-spunk and a bit of a braniac in the same package!

James and I enjoyed the show but, for me, it was because of the production and Joel himself rather than the material. Joel, on stage, just gives out good vibes and seems incredibly personable. What do they call that? TVQ? I don’t know, but you feel like “I like you, I want to laugh at your jokes, I want you to succeed.” You’re on his side.

What the show lacked was some really killer “laughed so hard I nearly pissed myself” moments. Rhys Nicholson, on stage, actually gives you quite a few of these. And Josh Thomas does occasionally too. We laughed but there weren’t really any belly-laughs from the material and that was a little disappointing. You always want to come out of a show remembering a couple of killer lines or jokes that you can repeat to friends and that you’ll remember as highlights of the night. However we both came out of “Political Animal” thinking “yeah, this guy is going somewhere, this is the beginning and he’s going to develop over time.”

What I also liked about “Political Animal” was the subject -politics. It wasn’t a one-hour coming-out-Gay story, it wasn’t just a smattering of pop culture and “hip” references and f & c bombs to get a laugh (although there was a quota of those!)Β  It was a well thought out production that did cover something real – and not something you normally associate with Gen Y/Z Gay comics. Of course it would be nice if Joel didn’t spend quite so much time on negative comments about older people and overweight people but maybe that will change as he gets more life experience and is exposed to a wider variety of people in his real life. Hey, we may be easy targets but we’re human beings too! (Ooh, I may have just invented a new T-Shirt slogan!)

But um…oh, did I mention he’s gorgeous? (Sorry, it’s the tourettes again!)

Joel Creasey is the ultimate dizzy, bitchy, prissy, queenie young fag. Except I have a feeling he’s not.

I have a feeling there’s just a hell of a lot more depth there that will reveal itself over time. I’d like to see him work on his material and get some killer jokes and one-liners in there to augment the rest of the professional effort that’s been put in. I’d also like to see him develop similar shows with themes and good production values so that he can differentiate himself from the rest of the aforementioned Toms & Joshs etc. Because I think he’s got a lot more to offer than the rest of the crowd.

Did I mention he wore nice clothes and a had a fab haircut too? Did I mention his smile? Oh yeah, I did mention that already, didn’t I?

Sorry, I’m so shallow sometimes…..

Congratulations Eric Saade – Sweden’s best Eurovision result in more than a decade!

It is quite amazing what negative, destructive, cunts the Swedish media have been about Eric Saade & Eurovision. I’ve been struggling to find a really positive newspaper article about Eric’s success in placing 3rd and giving Sweden its best Eurovision result since 1999. The article below is mostly positive but sticks the knife in at the end.

There have been articles rubbishing the song, articles damning him with faint praise whilst twisting the knife in and even an article saying nobody showed up to meet him when he arrived back in Stockholm after Eurovision. Negative, negative, negative. One paper had giant text above an article about Eric saying “The Moniker should have been there” (at Eurovision). I’d say with confidence that, had the Moniker represented Sweden, they would have placed 33rd, not 3rd.

The irony is that if all of those journalists curled up and died tomorrow, the world would be a better place. Yet Eric is great human being who is bringing something positive to the world with terrific music and performances – he’s doing nothing but bringing positivity to the world and positivity to his home country, Sweden. All Swedes should be proud of him and people like him who achieve such wonderful success on the world stage.

I started to wonder today after the umteenth negative Swedish press article, maybe it’s a racist thing? Eric’s father is from the middle east and Eric doesn’t look like the all-blonde typical Swede. We know from the Sweden Democrats huge success in Swedish elections that a huge number of Swedes are basically racist. No, not basically racist…just totally racist. I wondered if perhaps Eric’s skin colour was the real reason why the Swedish press were treating his Eurovision success with disdain?

One of my all time favourite Swedish arists, Nanne Gronvall apparently criticised the lyrics of Eric’s song “Popular” and Sarah Dawn Finer, another fabulous Swedish diva, was supporting Azerbaijan over Sweden because her brother was their choreographer. Her congratulations and support of Eric has been weak and half-hearted to say the least.

I want to say Eric – you may have placed 3rd, but you’re No. 1 with me and to a lot of other people. I’ve been following your career since I found out about you with “Sleepless”. Your “Masquerade” CD was my absolute favourite album on 2010. I think you’re a fantastic performer and a terrific guy. Don’t let the negativity of your fellow Swedes (particularly the press) get you down. Keep on doing what you do and hold your head up high – maybe one day you’ll receive the praise you deserve in your own country.

Mostly positive article on Eric at Eurovision

Eric Saade’s “Gay kiss” – storm in a Swedish teacup!

Since so many people seem to be searching the net to find out if Eric Saade is Gay (and just reiterating, no he’s not – he’s just bought a flat with long time partner Molly Sanden), I thought I’d have another look at footage of the kiss that began it all. The storm in the proverbial Swedish teacup. Although the kiss looks hot in still shots, it is nothing more than a silly, fun thing between Danny & Eric whilst having press photos taken.

I guess people just like a hint of Gay scandal….or maybe it’s the Gay boys secretly wishin’ and a hopin’. πŸ˜‰

Eric Saade & Molly Sanden: true love

Eric Saade’s Popular video: uncensored and uncut

Eric Saade’s Popular video: uncensored and uncut…and possibly a tad too violent. Still, what a song! What a guy!