Search terms yesterday

It is hard to even know how to categorise this post. I just happened to sign in to the dashboard for and glanced at yesterday’s search terms. You know, the things people actually types in google that made them end up on this website. It’s always an eye-opening experienced – and you wonder if the people concerned were satisfied when they reached the site – or whether they threw their hands up in the air and went “what is this crap!”

But today is different. The top 10 search terms yesterday have simply blown my mind. Maybe it says more about me and my interests than it does about the searchers? Anyway, I need to lie down now…my head is spinning like in the Exorcist. Oi vey!

eric saade
eric saade gay
lesbian brides
uncircumcised penis
frog cakes
amy diamond
jatz biscuits
im not circumcised
erick saade


  1. The challenge would be to combine these search terms in a sentence.

    • I don’t even want to try!!!

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