Up, up and away with TAA the friendly, friendly way

Oh, I’m on a roll with these TV commercials from my childhood. It seems like every few months someone is adding something new to Youtube from my past that just blows me away. And, of course, I could virtually remember the lyrics word for word even though it’s been decades since I’ve seen the ad. Talk about advertising brainwashing you!

This advert features my favourite plane of all time – the Boeing 727. My god it was a sexy beast. Yet to think my Dad tried to take me on one (when it was on the ground – we had a friend who worked at the airport) when I was 7 years old and I screamed and screamed and screamed hysterically until they took me off. I was a very nervous, wimpy child. I was absolutely terrified the 727 would take off. Nowadays,  of course, I’d be BEGGING them to take off!

Still, is this advert a classic or what????????????????????????

Gorgeous TAA 727-200


Amoco in your machine!

I have this as a cardboard 7″ single. Yes I do, I really do. Played havoc with my record player back in the early 70s – the needle used to jump up and down. I’m not sure cardboard was such a good material to make records from. Ah yes, it was called a flexi-disc. I must have been about 10 when I got this. A TV advert as a record. Well, there you go…seems like you need a bit of Amoco in your machine. After all, nice clean petrol must be better!

Search terms yesterday

It is hard to even know how to categorise this post. I just happened to sign in to the dashboard for http://www.thebestjudge.com and glanced at yesterday’s search terms. You know, the things people actually types in google that made them end up on this website. It’s always an eye-opening experienced – and you wonder if the people concerned were satisfied when they reached the site – or whether they threw their hands up in the air and went “what is this crap!”

But today is different. The top 10 search terms yesterday have simply blown my mind. Maybe it says more about me and my interests than it does about the searchers? Anyway, I need to lie down now…my head is spinning like in the Exorcist. Oi vey!

eric saade
eric saade gay
lesbian brides
uncircumcised penis
frog cakes
amy diamond
jatz biscuits
im not circumcised
erick saade

A few old favourites

After weeks of playing Melodifestivalen 2011 entries, I’ve begun to trawl through some other music on my PC. I’ve been rediscovering a few old favourites. Since they’re not from the 70s or 80s, is it okay to call them “old favourites”? It’s all relative I guess.

In my lounge room I have boxes and boxes of CDs that need to be unpacked and sorted and filed. No doubt I’m going to find many, many more “old favourites” amongst that lot, but meanwhile….(and you’ll need to click through to Youtube to watch most of these….sorry but not much I can do about it)

Mel C’s “I Turn To You” as remixed by Hex Hector, became an instant classic a decade or so ago. Number 1 all over Europe (according to the internet). Her post-Spice Girls album had a few gems on it. This is the absolute best track without a doubt. I can listen to it on repeat for hours.

Adam Rickitt was a stunning and beautiful physical specimen who turned out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Not only was he straight but he was also a bloody Tory. He tried to run as a conservative party member in the UK! I found that out a couple of years ago and almost put all my Adam Rickitt CDs on a bonfire. Adam was more famous for his hot bod than his music career but this track was an absolute classic. Of course the “virtually nude” film clip helped it along but “I Breathe Again” is just a classic piece of dance-pop. Pity Adam turned out to be a fascist in real life 😦

Daniel Bedingfield was a strange one. He released a couple of ballads as singles that were as boring as bat shit. It would be more enjoyable listening to paint dry. But then a funny thing happened…they got remixed..and this one particularly, “If You’re Not The One (Metro Mix)” suddenly went from zero to hero. I spent quite a while trying to get the extended Metro mix of this single….ordering various versions from around the world. And it is notable in that I once played it on my PC for about 3 hours on repeat. I find it a pop-tastic mixture of compelling dance music and emotional lyrics.

This one is definitely from the “didn’t it used to be great to be a fag” department. 1993 and we were all still paying too much for import CD singles. But why not when there were classics like this about? When you hear this song, if you’re Gay, you should instantly feel overwhelming emotion combined with a compulsive urge to jump on the dance floor and wave your hands about whilst miming the words! And how many drag queens did this number? Did we even know who the hell “Q featuring Tracey Ackerman ” was/were? No! Did we care? Hell no! We were Gay and going out several nights a week and having a blast!

And finally, still on the tragique-fag riff, how many times has this song saved me (and you?) from going over the edge? I’m sure its use as a survival device of last resort is not restricted to “The Gays”…its message is universally applicable. But this Des’ree chick is owed a huge debt by us emotional queens…and by anyone who’s life is a series of seismic ups and downs. She followed up with “What’s Your Sign” and “Life” which make a wonderful trio – the “Life Affirming Suite” I call them. Anyway, “You Gotta Be” feels like my theme song on those (many) occasions when I feel like it’s all too much. Classic, classic pop.