I’m in love

With all my excitement about the fabstastic Eric Saade winning Melodifestivalen 2011, you’d be forgiven for thinking “Popular” was the only song I liked this year.

Wrong Jana, wrong, wrong, wrong!

There was some real classics this year (as there have been for the last few years) and I’m just starting to explore them and enjoy them now. I’m still waiting for my Gold Box to arrive from Sweden (sigh) so I caved in and got the mp3s from Yoda. His philosophy is “well, I’m buying the CD anyway so it’s okay to get them the naughty way right now.” Can’t say I disagree with him at this point.

Anyway, amongst the gems from this year’s competition was “I’m In Love” by Melodifestivalen veteran Sanna Nielsen and both Yoda and I can’t get it out of our heads. I’ve been playing it ‘(and “Popular”) on repeat on my mp3 player to and from work. It’s just so bloody catchy – it burns itself into your head.

Sanna looks very beautiful in this clip however she comes across as a bit cold and “ice princess-like” to both Yoda and myself. However I am sure we are wrong because David & Ben from Adelaide are massive Sanna fans, have met her and say she’s absolutely warm and wonderful. Anyway, the main thing is her Melodifestivalen song this year and amaaaaaaaaaazing!


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