Eric Saade’s record company makes people steal music

Poxy Roxy don't want my money!

I’m really pissed off with Eric Saade’s record company Roxy Recordings. They’re making people steal music. They’re making sure their artists don’t get paid their proper royalties. And it is all so bloody stupid.

If you want to buy Eric’s music, you can only buy it on the Swedish iTunes. Not the Australian iTunes – in fact you can’t even have a Swedish iTunes account if you’re an Australian.

Eric has released a new version of his song “Popular” that is not on the Melodifestivalen 2011 Gold Box that I’m paying a f*ckload of money to have sent over from Sweden. It isn’t, in fact, on any type of compact disc at all. The only way to buy it is via download. However, because I don’t live in Sweden, I’m not allowed to buy it! And before you suggest it, no – you can’t fake being a Swede to get it on iTunes Sweden. God knows Yoda has tried setting up Swedish email accounts and every other trick in the book to be able to buy from there – but to no avail.

How many people would actually try and scam a system so they can PAY MONEY – usually it’s the other way around. People say to us “oh why would you buy it, just download it illegally.” Well, because we don’t roll that way – we like to buy our music.

Last year Yoda and I had Eric’s “Masquerade” album shipped over from one of the on-line stores in Sweden – as we usually do when we want to buy music from Sweden. However it isn’t always a perfect solution. The store in question – a major online CD shopping presence in Sweden – didn’t get the album for weeks after it was released and then it took eons to arrive in Oz. By the time it arrived we’d almost forgotten that we’d ordered it!

Given the fact that downloading seems to be the way of the future and that quite a lot of music is never released on a physical format thesedays, you’d think Roxy Recordings would make sure all of their artists’ catalogues were available on iTunes around the world. How hard is it to get that button pushed?

I realise it isn’t only Roxy Recordings, it’s most record companies. Blocking people from other countries/other regions from paying them money! Again I say, how bloody stupid is that?? Hmmm…so I can’t buy the CD – because it doesn’t exist – but you won’t let me buy it via online download either…and then the music industry bitches and screams about illegal downloading and websites like Pirate Bay!!! Where’s the logic?

Yoda and I go to the trouble and considerable expense of having the stuff we like shipped over from Sweden…when it is actually available to buy on CD. But I wonder how many others bother to go through that drama? And it IS a drama – it isn’t cheap, fast and easy like Amazon – the online Swedish shops don’t roll that way. In fact,  the best online shop won’t even sell to customers outside their little part of the world.

Getting back to Eric…..Yoda and I want this new accoustic version of “Popular” (and anything else he records/puts out) but there’s going to be visit to Pirate Bay or Limefresh (or whatever those file sharing services are called) in the next few days because that’s the only way we can get it. Someone will probably put it up on Youtube as well – no doubt someone who didn’t pay for it either. Meanwhile, here we are begging to be able to pay for it and we’re not allowed.

Yoda has also found a 4-track remix thing of another Melodifestivalen artist/song that he wants but guess what…it’s only available on the Swedish iTunes!!! So guess how he’s going to “obtain” it?

There are people around the world who are not 15 years old and who didn’t grow up in a world where stealing music was the norm – people who would happily pay for their music – both mainstream and obscure – if only they were allowed to.

You know, I have the Sarah Dawn Finer (another Roxy artist) Christmas album and I haven’t even played it. It’s not my thing. But I like Sarah (“Moving On” and “Stockholm By Morning” are perfection) and want to support her so bought the Christmas CD and had it sent over to Oz.

The message is this: if you’re selling what I want, I buy! And there are a lot of other people who want to do the right thing.

Honestly, Roxy Recordings, get your shit together and start letting everyone buy the music your artists are producing.

Eric Saade



  1. Thank you for saying that! I SO agree. I live in the US and I don’t even have access to anything Eurovision, save for a few random tracks. Luckily, my sister lived in France for a while and was able to set up a French iTunes account for me, but that hasn’t helped at all with Eric Saade. How are these artists ever going to gain international appeal (and we all know Eric could be/DESERVES to be a worldwide pop sensation) if you can only buy their music in one country? Absolutely ridiculous. I’m trying soooo hard to resist the urge to steal but I know my patience is wearing thin. Quel dilemma, ja?


  3. This, and so many other recently released and even top 10 songs from Europe are unavailable in Australian iTunes. All the major record labels are more frequently denying people all over the globe access to music depending on location. It’s a global tragedy and a disgrace that our rights to freely access recordings are being restricted. My suggestion is download all your music for free on P2P sites and import them into iTunes. If everyone did this as a protest, they’d soon get the message.

    • Thanks for the comment. I really prefer to have the physical CD and then, as a poor second, the bought-downloaded versions. I only look for places I can download songs for free when there’s no way of buying them. Can’t believe the record companies are so stupid when they have people who are prepared to give them money!

  4. I found that the iTunes store recognises the nationality of your credit card. I can switch back and forth between Australian iTunes and Irish iTunes happily whenever I like as I have a credit card from both countries.

    My suggestion would be to get a Swedish friend of yours to add you as an additional cardholder on their credit card and then whenever you use it, reimburse them via PayPal immediately or something 🙂

    • It’s a good work-around but I’m not sure my Swedish friend would be that rapt at having me as an additional cardholder. Plus – what a lot of work and kerfuffle just to give a record company my money. Shouldn’t they be making the process as easy and seemless as possible? Anyway, thanks for your comments.

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