If this doesn’t win Melodifestivalen, Sweden is fucked.


Eric Saade was robbed in the 2010 Melodifestivalen contest. “Manboy” shat all over the actual winner – “This is My Life” by Anna Bergendahl. And Sweden paid the price – it didn’t even make it through the semi-final at Eurovision. It died a painful death. “Manboy” and Eric’s album went on to become HUGE in Sweden. And what a fantastic album it was. With all due respect to a pretty and sweet lady, who the fuck even remembers Anna Bergendahl a year later?

Amazingly, Eric is back in Melodifestivalen in 2011. With a song and a presentation that are simply mindblowing – “Popular.” This song would kick some serious arse at Eurovision.

Sweden MUST send this song to Eurovision. If they pick yet another boring fucking ballad, they might as well withdraw from the contest. Apparently only 10% of Melodifestivalen’s viewers actually pick up their phones and sms or phone a vote in. I hope those 10% don’t screw it up yet again this year.

Eric MUST win to restore Sweden’s place in Eurovision and to keep Melodifestivalen even relevant.



  1. Well, the final ended today and Saade won!
    I hope he will make it.

    • Fingers crossed for Eric in Eurovision!!!

  2. Ich hoffe, Eric kommt nach Düsseldorf!

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