I’m over putting things together

Everything has to be assembled thesedays. Self assembly is the way of the lord. Since I moved it has been about putting crap together – crap from Officeworks, Fantastic Furniture and, naturally, IKEA. I’m not really wanting to see an Allen key again.

IKEA's Evil Instrument

I’m over it. Majorly. Why can’t you just add water and these things just pop up and assemble themselves?

I’m flatpacked to buggery. And I still have 8 IKEA Benno CD towers to do.

This weekend has been about the big blue Billy bookcase for Yoda’s room and then the monolithic “Expedit”. That took two of us a couple of hours of sweat, sore knees and general exhaustion. Not to mention major confusion. IKEA’s instructions are all drawings and arrows. Which mean mostly nothing. We had to consult the interweb and look at videos of way-too-clever handymen putting these things together in 2 minutes. Bastards!

We put our own video together of the Expedit assembly – with photos taken using the crapulent camera on my Nokia e63. If only the real life process was as quick as the bloody video!



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