They say time heals everything but I’m still waiting

With a story about (yet another) “possible” reunion of a certain Swedish band hitting the mainstream Aussie press yesterday, Grant and I were contacted by friends (again) about it.

It’s been 4 years now since the ugly incident with those Swedish c**** and their record company and yet people think we’re still “fans” and that we would still be excited about a possible concert tour.

You can’t be rude to friends who, after all, are just showing a genuine interest in you. But it does make us shake our heads sometimes and wonder “don’t they get it? how could they not get it after all this time?”

Always a lover of the shock one-liner, I texted back a friend last night, “the only reunion of those people I’m interested in is six feet under!” 

Anyway, as this reunion rumour brought everything up again, I was reminded of a song I played a lot during that whole ugly legal situation…it seemed to sum up my feelings and situation pretty well. The lyrics don’t exactly match of course but, overall, the sentiment is spot-on for how I feel. Who knew the Dixie Chicks would end up giving my so much solace over the last few years!

You may have to click through to watch this video on Youtube [thanks to yet another s***house record company 😉 ]


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