Birkenhead Point….very beautiful, very pointless

We went along to Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre/Outlet Mall yesterday in search of curtains. There was supposed to be a big Spotlight store there so we made the trek via a couple of buses and a walk in the heat.

Birkenhead Point is almost unrecognisable from the “downmarket” shopping market/area that I last visited over a decade ago. It has been completely modernised and rebuilt. They’ve taken the existing old buildings and simply built over them to give it a modern, outdoorsie, yet protected from the elements, kind of feel. Getting to the centre is not pedestrian friendly and signposting is confusing and inadequate. At one point we ended up in a car park underground with no way of getting out. I thought Sydney was trying to make everything more public transport/pedestrian friendly but not in the case of Birkenhead Point.

Once you’re actually inside the centre, the combination of old and new building contributes to a confusing rabbit-warren arrangement where we kept getting lost again and again. In the end it didn’t really matter because Birkenhead Point is completely pointless as a shopping centre or outlet mall. The shops were limited and the stock in the shops was even more limited. It was kind of a waste of half a day and we eventually gave up, caught a bus into town and to the Broadway Centre where we got a few things we needed for the new flat. Without the confusion and without getting lost!

Birkenhead Point’s claim to fame has surely got to be where it is located – situated on the water of Sydney Harbour near Iron Cove Bridge and the views are spectacular. Yesterday there was barely a cloud in the sky. We walked outside onto the terrace from the food court and couldn’t resist taking a few shots. Our city of Sydney was looking simply beautiful.

No need for us to ever visit there again…but at least we can say we’ve done it!

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  1. I haven’t visited BP for a couple of years and was very disappointed the last time.

    The big chain clearance stores had plenty of items but very little that appealed. Clearly this was difficult to sell stock and even at a discount I wasn’t interested.

  2. Where is everybody? Was it too hot for an outing? I think there was only 1 pic of anything resembling a humanoid! “..”

    • It was quiet because it was New Year’s Day. Not many people were about. But also I think Birkenhead Point is a bit of a white-elephant shopping centre. There’s certainly no stores there that make you think “wow, I have to go there!”

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