You filthy, dirty little queer. Get out!

First of January, 2011 and I can’t help revisiting an old classic. Number 96. And, more specifically, Bev & Don’s classic scene where she finds out he’s Gay. Or a “hummus-sexual” as Don seems to say 😉

Seeing this surreptitiously as an 12 year old, you might think it could have screwed up my self-image and self-worth because of my sexuality. Actually, they were already totally screwed, Number 96 actually help sort them out. Don Finlayson was a strong character who everyone in the building relied on. He was a lawyer and a kind and gentle man. He did more to stop me being screwed up about being a fag than anything else. He was a role model in 1972!

This scene always makes me think about Bev being a huge drama queen. It doesn’t make me think anything negative about Don or being Gay – it just makes me think “oh god, that bloody Bev Houghton was such a flake sometimes!”

Anyway, welcome to 2011. Or 1972. Enjoy…you filthy, dirty little queers!


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