2011 is coming…(wear a raincoat if you’re in Queensland!)

Happy New Year!

I haven’t added to this website very much for the past few weeks. I’ve written a lot of posts in my head but somehow they never made the transition from thought to website! Additionally we’ve had Christmas and 5 days spent in Adelaide ( the photo below is of the fab pressies I got).

Christmas is the time for gifts. For me!!!

Another good reason for being slack with this website is that I’m preparing for yet another move to another flat. <sigh> Hopefully this one will be the last for decades!

You mean I have to move again?

 I’m having a quiet one tonight with BFF Yoda…there’s just so much to do over the next couple of weeks! I hate moving!!

Anyway, this is just a note to wish everyone a happy new year and hoping 2011 will be productive and enjoyable for you. Thanks to regular visitors to thebestjudge.com for reading my bunkum!


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  1. Happy New Year you guys! I thought you were going to stay with GW for a while. I guess I’m behind times again. The pic is of your new place…or the old one? I know you hate moving, and I’m sure you’ve done it more than you’d like, but I think 2011 will turn out better than you think! We’ll be sending good thoughts for that. Hugs to all!

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