Another Christmas On My Own

After all these years of loathing Jill Johnsson, who would have thought I would have suddnely become a bit of a mini-fan. First it was her “Crazy In Love” that turned my head on the “Absolute Schlager” CD I bought in Stockholm earlier this year, and now it’s….

Apparently Jill is a big icon of the Swedish lesbian population. Not being a lesbian, I can’t relate to that attraction but I am attracted to this song. The lyrics are a little sad – being dumped just before Christmas – but it’s still totally pop-tastic.

I have a feeling a Jill Johnson Greatest Hits CD will be amongst my near future purchases.


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  1. Apparently the biggest time of the year before being dumped – I know this to be true – is two weeks before Christmas. People decide they can’t spend Christmas with someone and so decide to cut the ties then.

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