A note about the exhibition coming to Sydney

For those that know what this post is about, this will make sense…for everyone else…nothing to see here! 😉

We’ve had a couple of enquiries as to whether Yoda & I will be attending the um, let’s say, “Exhibition about a Nordic originating group, with a name consisting of two letters repeated, at the Powerhouse Museum” 😉

First up, we just want to say that no, we’re not organising any get-togethers, gatherings etc. related to people coming into town to visit the exhibition.

Also, we won’t be attending the opening days nor will we be visiting it at any time during its Sydney run. I think most people know why and the history of the whole situation and why we would have no interest in the exhibition. For Yoda and I, that was another lifetime ago…it is history now and we’ve well and truly moved on during the last few years.

I am pretty sure that some kind of get-together will be organised – just as it was in Melbourne. You need to check the usual website suspects/mailing lists for that information. We won’t be attending but we do hope that anyone coming to Sydney for it has an absolute blast and creates some new and happy memories.

If anyone wants to catch up with us outside the festivities, my contact email is on the ‘about’ page of this website. Alternatively you can add a comment on Yoda’s www.twistinthedark.net – all the comments go straight to Grant before publishing.



  1. no interest in seeing the ABBA exhibition?? You are strange!!!!!!!!!! you dedicated most of your free time in your life to them! strange strange strange.

    • It might seem strange…but to me, visiting the exhibition it would be like a Jewish person supporting Adolf Hitler. Yes, I spent 30 years of my life on them but that all changed when their absolute greed and disdain for those 30 years of support showed itself in 2006. I don’t have any interest in the people who tried to eradicate me.

  2. I think you’ll find DJ Bobo is Swiss, not Swedish. Don’t worry, it’s a common mistake. I didn’t know the Powerhouse had an exhibition about him. How excellent.

    • Smartarse!

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