Evolution is out and prostitution is in again…

Pay TV with their unbelievably amazing “Fashion Report”. The clip is amazing (fashion models and suicide bombers with missing limbs!) but the lyrics are what makes this song so amazing. It should have been a global #1!


A note about the exhibition coming to Sydney

For those that know what this post is about, this will make sense…for everyone else…nothing to see here! 😉

We’ve had a couple of enquiries as to whether Yoda & I will be attending the um, let’s say, “Exhibition about a Nordic originating group, with a name consisting of two letters repeated, at the Powerhouse Museum” 😉

First up, we just want to say that no, we’re not organising any get-togethers, gatherings etc. related to people coming into town to visit the exhibition.

Also, we won’t be attending the opening days nor will we be visiting it at any time during its Sydney run. I think most people know why and the history of the whole situation and why we would have no interest in the exhibition. For Yoda and I, that was another lifetime ago…it is history now and we’ve well and truly moved on during the last few years.

I am pretty sure that some kind of get-together will be organised – just as it was in Melbourne. You need to check the usual website suspects/mailing lists for that information. We won’t be attending but we do hope that anyone coming to Sydney for it has an absolute blast and creates some new and happy memories.

If anyone wants to catch up with us outside the festivities, my contact email is on the ‘about’ page of this website. Alternatively you can add a comment on Yoda’s www.twistinthedark.net – all the comments go straight to Grant before publishing.

More Liesbeth in Sydney

It was a very rainy day in Sydney yesterday so we concentrated on indoor activities. Our international visitor wanted to see some contemporary art so we went to the Art Gallery of New South Wales and had a fab guided tour from a volunteer named Caroline. Caroline was just fantastic. After the tour we further explored the Gallery.

Last night we went to the Shakespeare pub in Surry Hills for a trivia competition. Our team was the “Van Demons”. However the best team name of the evening was “Two Gentlemen Requesting Aisle Seats on Qantas but not over the wing.” Classic!

Liesbeth...modern art

it's all art to Liesbeth


Liesbeth outside Art Gallery NSW

Outside Art Gallery of NSW

Liesbeth goes Christmas at Myer

Liesbeth goes Christmas at Myer

Pub Trivia

The Van Demons at Pub Trivia

Liesbeth in Sydney

A couple of quick shots showing Liesbeth’s first two days in Sydney…

Liesbeth with Manly Beach Lifesavers

Liesbeth Yoda at the Sydney Opera House

James animated on ferry to Manly with Liesbeth Yoda


It's been that kind of week


Korean Cultural Experience

at Seoul Airport


Jacobs Fritz

It's an Adelaide thing


Ikea Nuclear Waste


Mr Muscle & Fairy Liquid

UK dishwashing liquid...what are they trying to say?


Faster than the speed of...something

I don't normally go this fast


Media Markt Sweden

This sells electronic products in Sweden apparently


Judy 46

Judy cannot hide her age any longer

Song for a Swedish friend

Dedicated to my Best Swedish Friend (BSF) Baby Jane Gustav…

Attention: Ex-Adelaidians: Balfours in Sydney

Balfours Pasties in Sydney

Balfours Pasties in Sydney. Ohhh yeahhhh!

Okay, so I only had to wait 27 years to be able to buy a Balfours Pasty in Sydney. And it isn’t even a full-sized one, but a Balfours Party Pasty. Still, wow….I can buy Balfours Party Pasties in Sydney!!!! And for those that love them, Balfours Party Pies and Sausage Rolls too!

Are you listening ex-Adelaidians. Finally some results after Balfours having bought a major bakery on the central coast of Sydney ages ago. Finally, we can buy what the lady at the Balfours NSW switchboard once called “The Adelaide Product” (as in “Oh we don’t sell the Adelaide product in Sydney.”)

Where is this happening? Well, one place only that I’ve been to and that’s Franklins at Ashfield Mall. Some IGA supermarkets have started selling Balfours Premium Pies along with buns, muffins, cakes and so on. But not the “Traditional” (Adelaide) pies, pasties & sausage rolls.

Now I’d much prefer to be able to buy the full sized ones but party-sized pasties will do for now. At least it is cheaper than paying for airfares and accommodation in Adelaide to buy a pasty…roughly $500 a pasty! These are about $6 for 12. Sensible price! And they’re using the correct classic logo too.

The Balfours Logo

Why Balfours aren’t promoting their range with a proper TV campaign I have no idea. They always seem to half do things. Come on Balfours, we need to convert some Sydney-siders to the “Cult of Balfour”. Look, we can even sell a Pasty in the shape of an iPhone – we’ll call it an iBalf! That’ll get Gen-Y into it!

I am as happy as a pig in shit about being able to buy Balfours traditional pasties in Sydney!

I’ve been to Franklins at Ashfield Mall more than I would ever normally bother to go there…they have me hooked! They have the monopoly on traditional Balfours stuff!

In fact, I have some in the oven heating up right now. Please god, make sure they keep doing it.

You know what, I think it is time to watch that TV commercial again…I may shed a tear.

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