Eric Saade – It’s Gonna Rain video

Am I spewing I didn’t get to see Eric Saade live when I was in Sweden this year? Am I spewing that my gorgeous friend Patrick got to see him live*?


And now there’s this video for Eric’s new single which is basically a compilation of bits and pieces of him on tour this year. Arghhh!

Anyway, the excellent “It’s Gonna Rain” is Eric’s new single in Sweden and it is brilliant of course. They’re saying “It’s Gonna Rain” is the best track on the CD but I think there are 4 or 5 others that are just as good. Anyway, the “Masquerade” album is just brilliant.

You can get it from Bengans – there’s a quick link to instantly order the album:

And the regular Bengans online listing for Masquerade is here

*At least I got the concert T-Shirt thanks to Patrick – luv ya mate!



  1. He probably has a concert rider that specifies the temperature of the water! 😉

  2. More rain? He’s gonna catch a cold if he keeps this up.

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