You’ve got a friend…unappreciated classic

When I look back, it seems like a hundred years ago that Sonia & Big Fun got together to record a single for the UK’s Childline charity.

Yoda tells me that it was supposed to be a recording of “You’ve Got a Friend”, the ancient Carole King classic. They even recorded it. But whatever happened, there was a change of mind at Stock/Aitken/Waterman headquarters and an original song was penned for release. Not that most people would really recognise it as an SAW composition – it’s a lovely ballad with a gorgeous saxaphone featured, played by Gary Barnacle.

I remember paying a shitload for the 12″ import of this single…as was usual for a lot of my SAW collection. Still, the covers were beautiful from the UK – top quality cardboard and printing. It was worth it. Not like the shitty Australian releases. Anyway, that’s an altogether different subject. “A horse of an entirely different feather,” as Dorrie Evans used to say.

The studio part of this film clip is classic SAW – a total budget of about 50 pence (including VAT)! But you know what, it actually works for this song. Just having the Big Fun boys and Sonia sitting in a circle singing the song suits it. The real story of course is the black & white footage of the kid leaving home and wandering the streets until he decides to ring “Childline” for help.

All in all, it’s a really lovely song with a nice video.

Happily, Big Fun’s original SAW album “Pocketful of Miracles” album has been remastered featuring bonus tracks and 12″ versions (…and, funnily enough, it’s my next mail order purchase!


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