See Me / Show Me

Last year I went to Sweden for the first time in maybe 8 years. It was a fantastic trip and centred around Stockholm Pride 2009. In fact, it was such a good holiday that I went back again this year for Stockholm Pride 2010! 😉

I saw a lot of performers and performances at Pride Park in 2009 including Magnus Carlsson, ex-Alcazar, ex-Barbados. I’d never liked Barbados but I loved Alcazar. I liked Magnus as an individual singer but I wasn’t a huge fan like my friend James O’Brien. That all changed last year at Pride Park. I saw Magnus perform twice…the first time in a little intimate afternoon performance on the small stage. I was blown away…both by his voice and performance but also by his geniuneness. It radiated from the stage. He was humble. I had my photo taken with him – I became a fan!

One of the songs he did – he did a combination of Barbados / Alcazar and his own hits – was called “Se Mig”. Now every Swede knows this song – it was a Barbados entry in Melodifestivalen, Sweden’s national contest to choose an entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. But I didn’t know it. By the second time I saw Magnus perform it, I was quite choked up. I’m not sure why – there’s just something about the music and the vocals that speaks to me. Of course I knew the title translated as “See Me” but that’s about all. I’ve since seen a rough Google Translation so I now know what the song is about. Nothing earth-shatteringly profound, but still…a beautiful song.

Then tonight, while I’m having a Magnus Carlsson-Youtube fest, I discover there’s an English version of “Se Mig” called “Show Me”. The only version I can find has an awful TV announcer speaking over part of it – but still, it was an amazing find and great to compare it to the Swedish version.

And not only is there an English version, there is apparently a Spanish version. Someone on Youtube has mixed all three versions together as one song. It was quite bizarre to listen to. Suddenly this little song I heard at Stockholm Pride 2009 for the first time pops up in three different languages!

I’ve put two clips below…one of Magnus & Barbados doing Se Mig at Melodifestivalen…and then them performing the English version, Show Me on Swedish TV. Apologies for the bad picture quality of the first clip and the TV announcer speaking over the second clip!


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  1. And if you want to follow the daily detail of Magnus’ life, he blogs everything here….

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