A day off

Ahhhh…..the luxury of a day off from work. A legit day off too!

With flatmate Yoda off in Stockholm for a while, I decided I needed a day all to myself to luxuriate in the ecstasy of doing absolutely nothing. Nada. Nil.

It started off with a “sleep in”. Well, kind of. I woke up about 5am and the birds were tweeting (although they don’t have computers or twitter accounts) and the sun was about to come up…and I wasn’t having any of this. So I had a slash and went back to bed, made sure the window was shut, curtains were closed and the heater was turned on. It wasn’t cold but the heater acts like a sleeping pill for me sometimes. The warmth and the repetitive, hypnotic noise must have something to do with it.

Next thing I knew, I’d woken again and it was just after 9am. This was way too early for me on a day like this so I tried to go back to sleep. No such luck. I gave up and got up and did one productive thing – made an appointment for the optometrist that I’d been fart-arsing around about for a year.

Turned on the tele, had something for breakfast, took vitamins….went on Twitter via TweetDeck and had some fun with the right-wing conservatives. Surfed the web…mainly shopping sites…still hot for a Nokia E5 and a Panasonic FH20. No money to buy but that doesn’t stop me looking!

All of a sudden it was 11am and I felt tired again. Went back to bed and set the alarm for 1pm. That lasted about 10 minutes until I realised I wasn’t able to get back to sleep again…eye mask or not…free day or not. Blast and damnation!

A rough plan for the rest of the day formed in my mind….bus to JB HiFi at Leichhardt, bus to my favourite chip shop, bus to city to do some window shopping, walk to optometrist then try and hook up with the lovely James O’Brien for late afternoon drinkies. James has just returned from China and I knew he’d be busting to talk about the holiday.

Well, I got part of the day’s plan right.

After a lovely hot shower, I got ready and caught the bus to Leichhardt. It was immediately apparent that this was one of those perfect-weather days in Sydney. The ones I remembered from the 80s – where the temperature is in the early/mid twenties with a slight breeze blowing and no humidity. In short, simply divine.

JB HiFi didn’t have the Nokia E5 on display but they did have a hot guy working in the I.T. department. Very unusual. 98% of  JB HiFi staff in Sydney are filthy – male or female it doesn’t matter – they look filthy, dirty and unkempt. It really is quite off-putting. However today at JB HiFi Leichhardt, there was a hot dude who looked A1. He made the journey worthwhile.

I couldn’t find anything I wanted so I popped over to the chemist and got some nose drugs. The naughty pseudoephedrine ones that the Government makes you jump through a hoop of fire to buy. Unfortunately they are the only things that work on my clapped out nasal passages!

Then I went and checked out a secondhand book sale at the Town Hall. It was pretty boring but there was another hot guy there so I just walked around checking him out for a while 😉 Shameless, I know!

Back outside, I sat at the bus stop and thought “this is a f***ing amazing Sydney day – a great day to be alive!” And I took a photo of what I was seeing just to record the sunny sky and my sunny mood.

Sunny downtown Leichhardt, Sydney

Pretty soon the bus came and whisked me away to Annandale and my favourite chip shop. I sat outside in a little public table/chairs area that Annandale “village” is famous for. Sunny, warm, twisting branches overhead shading me…I sat there with my food and Diet Coke and really enjoyed the moment.

Another bus journey followed…this time into the city. I saw that Westfield Pitt Street Mall is almost ready to open…well, part of it anyway. Pitt Street Mall is a hive of construction and “finishing off” activity at the moment. With the Mid-City Centre already re-opened, it will be interesting to see if the CBD shopping area can reclaim its former glory as the shopping capital of Sydney.

On the way to the optometrist I popped into Strand JB HiFi. A long queue with one person serving. This is Sydney city and there were people there in suits who obviously didn’t have a lot of time on their hands. The service at JB HiFi generally has been getting worse. I have wondered for a while if they are about to “jump the shark.” They are heading more to a Harvey Norman style of doing business and may end up losing what made them huge in the first place. Anyway…..

The optometrist was a bit of a drawn out affair and I wasn’t that interested in engaging with the guy that much. I just wanted to get it done. He wanted me to spend $32 to take those bloody close up pictures of your eyeballs that they love. Uncomfortable. I thought I better do it so I agreed.

Anyway, more discomfort. The pictures revealed a serious problem with one of the eyes. I’ve been “referred” as they say. And told “I wouldn’t wait too long if I were you.” Dr. Eyes didn’t have much of a bedside manner. Or should that be an eye-ball manner?

I popped next door to choose some new glasses. They obviously want you to have designer specs and kept showing me these bloody awful brown coloured frames that are probably all the rage. I loathed them. I like the frames I have now and want something similar. Something that will be fully paid for by the health fund…you know what I mean? Eventually he gave up and let me order what I wanted. Some cheapies that look pretty much like what I currently wear.

That ordeal over, I wandered around a book shop feeling quite shell shocked. The news about my eye had really blown me away. My natural inclination is to catastrophise any negative news like this. I got straight to – and beyond – worse case scenario in about 5 seconds. I was just a bit zombied-out at the bookshop and was going to buy a Mary Jane Staples book I already own…just because I could buy it here in Sydney and not 17,000km away in London. I’m like that! 😉 Anyway, commonsense prevailed.

Time Conquers All

Puts everything in perspective really

Time to text James and see if he was awake. “Are you awake?” I sms’d. No response. I tried another of his mobile phones. “Are you awake?” No response again. I kept shopping…I was quite enjoying wandering around town without a time limit. Caught a bus (yes, another one!) down to Chinatown and had a look at all the computer and phone shops in the Capital Centre. I love that place! Just window shopping of course 😉

I still hadn’t heard from James…no doubt he was crashed out after the long flight back from China. So I caught a bus to central and miracle of miracles, my express bus home showed up on time. What a great end to a day off.

90% of the way home and who should call? James of course. He’d just woken up and hadn’t received the texts because his phones were charging. We had a good chat but it was too late to turn around and go all the way back into the city. Bad timing, bad luck 😦

After a quick visit to the world’s worst supermarket, I was home and feeling very low key and relaxed. More web surfing, lazing around and such. Now its 8.30pm and, despite daylight saving, the night is well and truly here. If I had some beer in the place, I’d be having one right now. But since I don’t, I won’t 😉

Just realised it has taken most of Kylie’s “Aphrodite” album to write this post 😉 “Looking for an Angel” is playing…freudian? 😉

Tomorrow it’s the weekend and that’s fab too….but you just can’t beat the decadence of a lazy day off from work.


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