Amy Diamond – True Colours

In my official capacity as Amy Diamond’s biggest Australian fan (possibly her only Australian fan)…I am pleased to bring you this gorgeous live TV performance of “True Colours”.

The performance is a duet with Mikael Rickfors who seems to have gone downhill since he left his castle in Agnetha’s “Can’t Shake Loose” film clip back in the 80s!

“True Colours” is also featured on Amy’s upcoming “Greatest Hits” album which is inconveniently being released 3 days after my esteemed flatmate Yoda, leaves Stockholm. Arghhh!*

Amy Diamond Greatest Hits CD
Amy Diamond Greatest Hits

The full track list is:

1. What’s in it for me
2. True colors
3. Shooting star
4. It’s my life
5. Perfect
6. Welcome to the city
7. Thank you
8. Champion
9. Is it love
10. It can only get better
11. Only you
12. Don’t cry your heart out
13. Big guns
14. Stay my baby
15. Up
16. Ready to fly
17. Bittersweet (Remix)
18. Shooting star (Nyinspelning 2010) (re-recording)
19. It’s my life (Nyinspelning 2010) (re-recording)
20. What’s in it for me (Nyinspelning 2010) (re-recording)

Looks like yet another expensive mail order purchase from Sweden for JudgeG.

*UPDATE: A reader has just informed me that the release of Amy Diamond’s Greatest Hits has been brought forward – it is now 5 days earlier! So Yoda will be in Stockholm when the CD comes out and has been instructed not to leave Sweden without purchasing my copy!


  1. Wow – thanks for the update. I am duly informing my friend who is visiting Stockholm and making sure he buys a copy for me!

  2. They might have heard your “Arghhh!”
    Release date is rescheduled five days earlier(!) to 29:th of October.

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