The old gang gets together again

Last Saturday (October 2), the old gang got together again. More of us than there has been in one place for years. Mark (Marcia), Judy, Greg, Donna, Fran, Big Dave, Grant, James, Cathy, Fran’s new beau Rod and Mr. Peugeot aka Christian.

The venue was Platform 26 next to Central Station (aka Royal Exhibition Hotel). It was a day in the beer garden filled with lots of fun and frivolity and quite a few of us realising that we’re not spring chickens anymore. As time goes on and people get caught up in their own interests, these bigger get-togethers happen less and less. So it was a day just to relax, have a few bevvies and celebrate old friends and shared history. Whilst – in Fran’s case anyway – creating some ‘new history’ (she’s still as wild as ever!)

It also happened to be the day of the repeat of the AFL final in Melbourne. After the previous week’s draw. The game was shown all over the pub, including just above our table! For some reason the eyes of a few of us were repeatedly drawn towards the screen. Nothing to do with all those hot AFL footballers of course.  Nick Riewoldt…amazing!

Nick Riewoldt...AFL Player



  1. Beautiful….

  2. Lovely.

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